JAMEY JASTA Blasts DONALD TRUMP As A 'Fake Tan Freak' Who Is 'Bad At Stringing Together A Sentence' Wednesday April 8 2020, 10:54 AM
JAMEY JASTA Blasts DONALD TRUMP As A 'Fake Tan Freak' Who Is 'Bad At Stringing Together A Sentence'

HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta has blasted President Donald Trump as a "fake tan freak" who is "worse" than Joe Biden at "stringing together a sentence."

Jasta made his comments after apparently watching one of Trump 's daily White House briefings about the country's fight against coronavirus.

On Sunday (April 5), Jamey took to his Twitter to write: "Holy shit I've avoided watching this fake tan freak for a long time I thought Biden was bad at stringing together a sentence but man he's worse. Get Andrew Yang back in it!! We're fucked lol"

In a 2016 interview with Metal Insider , Jasta stated about that years' presidential election: "When I was growing up, it was always it'll be Democrats for four or eight years, and then the Republicans can try, and for me, under a Republican presidency, heavy metal and hardcore did very well… It's like, okay, as someone who's self-employed and paying all sorts of entertainment taxes, and various bills because I'm self-employed — maybe I would make more money under a Republican presidency, and talking to a guy like Jake from CONVERGE , and he said that depending on how much you're making in which state, you might want to think about a candidate like Bernie [ Sanders ]. It might be better for the next generation. Yeah, I might feel it in the wallet for the next four to eight years, but this kid might have a better opportunity or education that he wouldn't have under somebody who might shake things up."

Asked what made him get more interested in politics, Jasta said: "The laws in Connecticut don't protect the self-employed and the musicians and independent contractors, and seeing my grandmother deal with insurance laws. Like, I want to take my grandmother down a natural path, and not have her be on some pharmaceutical drug the rest of her life. Let's go the natural path, not for something serious. Obviously, big pharma is good for a lot of serious ailments. There's a lot of good pharmaceutical drugs that can save people's lives. But depending on the price, especially for seniors — they get jerked around by pharmaceutical companies a lot for natural paths. Insurance companies in the state of Connecticut do not cover natural paths. But that's something that can be changed by voting locally. These are the reasons that I will look into voting locally and see who's going to back the bill to get natural paths covered by insurance companies."

As previously reported, HATEBREED 's new album, which was expected later this year, has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the globe.

This past February, HATEBREED released its first new single in four years, "When The Blade Drops" . At the time, Jasta described the track as "just a taste of what's to come… The speed, intensity, and brutality that people have come to expect from us is on full display."

HATEBREED 's previously announced European tour with PARKWAY DRIVE will now take place in November/December.

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