Locked down by the Corona Virus, Foul Body Autopsy offer a 'tour' with a difference - six nights, six different sets, all performed live! Tuesday March 31 2020, 12:26 PM
Locked down by the Corona Virus, Foul Body Autopsy offer a 'tour' with a difference - six nights, six different sets, all performed live!

With most people confined to their homes and everybody's gig plans in ruins bands are finding new ways to bring live performance to their fans. You'll have seen plenty of bands doing live chats, showing videos and performing guitar playthroughs and the like - but Tom Reynolds, the man that is Foul Body Autopsy, is taking things to the next level. On six different nights Tom will be performing six different Foul Body Autopsy albums in their entirety, creating a kind of tour, without ever crossing the threshold of his home - The Foul Body Lethargy Tour Pt.1! The dates of this unique venture are as follows...

April 4th - Early Years 2010 - 2013
April 11th - Debut Album
April 18th - So Close To Complete Dehumanization
April 25th - Perpetuated By Greed
May 2nd - This Machine Kills Zombies
May 9th - The Unquiet Dead

...and Pt 2 of The Foul Body Lethargy Tour will be announced soon.

Tom has the following message to all the Foul Body Autopsy fans out there...

"Since we are all stuck at home and not able attend live shows or even play them I have decided to do some live videos from home. I did a series of live videos a few years ago while I was at university and found myself really enjoying doing them. After university I didn’t really have a good place to film anymore so I had to give up on them for a while. However, I have spent the last few days getting a room set up into a filming area for this new series of live videos. Hopefully it will help keep people who are unable to attend gigs entertained - sadly they are having to listen to my music but it’s the thought that counts right? Stay safe and hang tough!"

Watch every night of Foul Body Autopsy's Foul Body Lethargy Tour and see the story of this remarkable one man band unfold. You'll have the best seat in the house every night at the FBA facebook page...

https://www.facebook.com/ FoulBodyAutopsyofficial/

If you've yet to discover Foul Body Autopsy's incredible riff-laden extremity then there's never been a better time to join the zombie legions!

"Melodic death/thrash at its finest ..." - BRUTALISM
"...density and brutality..." - POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE
"...beautiful chaos." - METAL TEMPLE

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Gorge on riffs at the Foul Body Autopsy bandcamp page


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