VT​-​V || Triumvir Foul by Triumvir Foul Thursday June 15 2017, 9:43 PM
VT​-​V || Triumvir Foul by Triumvir Foul

A vessel for hedonism, corruption, and cabalisticism, Triumvir Foul's debut is the embodiment of one's depravity and weakness expressed through worship of the three serpents. As an entity of spiraling spiritual violence, Triumvir Foul abides by the principles of disgust, hatred, and anxiety as strict tenets of the Vrasubatlat philosophy.

The corruption of flesh and spirit
Decorate my mind with depravity
Leave me squirming for all to see
Within the tomb of God's placenta
And walls drenched in my foul emanations
Emanations of lust and decay

This is VT-V.

All physical items are no be longer available on the Vrasubatlat Bandcamp page and are now EXCLUSIVELY available from the Vrasubatlat BIG CARTEL WEBSTORE.. If you are ordering multiple items, it will likely be easier to do so through the webstore, accessible via a Google search [bandcamp does not allow direct links in this field].
released December 11, 2015

Mixed and Recorded at Red Lantern Studios by Evan Mersky
Mastered by Dan Lowndes
Album cover art by Timo Ketola
Triumvir Foul Logo and Sigil of Vrasubatlat by Samu Salovaara
Additional Artwork provided by H.V Lyngdal
Layout by K. Morgan


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