DREAMLORD – album review of “Disciples of War” via Angels PR Music Promotion Tuesday March 17 2020, 7:51 PM
DREAMLORD – album review of “Disciples of War” via Angels PR Music Promotion

Dreamlord come from Greece. Although Greece is best known for its black metal, Dreamlord play thrash. With their second full length album “Disciples of War” they give the metal world a very strong thrash album that reminds us thrash is still alive and well and puts Greece on the thrash map again.
Dreamlord riffs are what thrash metal needs; they are very dynamic, punchy and aggressive in the Megadeth/Annihilator school of thrash with a dose of heaviness. The riffs are mostly attacking and nicely performed. They build up a good songwriting with respect to the old school thrash metal.
The basslines on the album are bright and heavy. The tone is very nice for thrash metal. The drums mostly perform mid to fast grooves and have a good snare. The lead guitars sound a perfect fit for the band. The vocals sound somewhere in between heavy and thrash and are very expressive in means of urging the listener to enter a pit.
Speaking of the pit, the moshpit favorites of the album are: “Out for Blood”, “Humanity Enslaved”, “Aggressive Denial” and “Uncompromised”.
There is also an instrumental: “Act of God” which is a very technical and old school thrash/heavy song with nice themes. The band seems to have worked a lot with their songwriting. “Act of God” is a proof. A solid instrumental song.
The production of the album is just perfect for Dreamlord’s style. It’s far from being plastic. On the contrary it’s more “live”.
In conclusion, imagine a leftover album from the golden era of thrash (mid 80’s to mid 90’s) and there you go! If I hadn’t told you that “Disciples of War” is a new release, you would have possibly believed me that this is a hidden gem from that era. So, better go ahead and check this excellent thrash album out! I am pretty sure it will be a gem in the years to come. Via kickassforever.com

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