Void of Sleep release new video Thursday March 12 2020, 8:58 PM
Void of Sleep release new video

Italy's "Void of Sleep have released their stunning new video "Unfair Judgement". The song is from their upcoming album Metaphora which will be released on March 27th via Aural Music.

The band commented 

"The track is solid, pretty doomy and encloses most of our musical repertoire in “only” 6 minutes.

We choose Gerardo and Edo because we knew they would have been mad enough to translate out insanity into images”

“History, like injustices, always repeats itself…,” recounts German philosopher Gedeon Duken and this is where the idea of starting and ending the video in a conceptual loop was born in the minds of its writers and directors Gerardo Lamattina and Edo Tagliavini. Marina Romea’s post-Apocalyptic, isolated, foggy landscapes of, found at the gates of our hometown Ravenna, set the scene for the two Tarkovsky inspired protagonists who follow a simple, but never fully explored, narrative: A human being who seeks another.

It brings to mind “Terminator” but with an ending that reconciles all the themes that Void of Sleep address in their song."

Watch the video here:  https://www. ghostcultmag.com/exclusive- video-premiere-void-of-sleep- unfair-judgement/

Pre-order:  https:// voidofsleep666.bandcamp.com/

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