Rockshots Records: Thy Despair New Single 'Free One' + Album "The Song of Desolation" Out May 8th Tuesday March 10 2020, 8:03 PM
Rockshots Records: Thy Despair New Single 'Free One' + Album "The Song of Desolation" Out May 8th

Rockshots Records announces their latest signing of Kiev, Ukraine's Thy Despair for the release of their forthcoming album "The Song Of Desolation" due out on May 8, 2020. The dark metal band blends black, gothic, doom, symphonic and melodic death elements into their sound along with vocals being sung in both English and Ukrainian. Today they are sharing with fans the first single off the full length 'Free One'.

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Thy Despair's new album "The Song of Desolation" follows the band's 2018 debut EP "Free One". Some of the album's lyrics are influenced by the war in eastern Ukraine. "It is a great tragedy for the nation and the main idea of these songs is that you should always fight back and keep freedom in your heart and mind. Lyrics of other songs are inspired by local legends or life experience." says band founder Nephilim.

The album as a whole features 10 tracks each with its own tale to tell and a statement that unites all of them together. 

Nephilim adds:

"Even when everything goes extremely bad, you should still stay strong, struggle and hope for the best, otherwise you won’t survive or will turn into a backboneless slave."

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Also, watch their Epic Game of Thrones Metal Lyrics Cover - 


Track Listing:
1. The Free One 
2. Sabbath
3. Fear and Despair
4. Burned By Love
5. Last Breath
6. War
7. Army of Dead
8. Falling Star
9. Ghost Rider
10. Falcon

Album Credits:
Lyrics by Nephilim
Composed by Nephilim
Arrangements by Strike, Navka, Alex, Anton
Cover by Elin
Art by Elin
Cover photography by Katerina Vorona
Band photography by Mary Kiper
Mixed and mastered by QWERTY Records
Cover model  - Elin

Band members:
Elin - Vocals
Nephilim - Vocals / Guitar
Strike - Guitar
Navka - Keys
Alex - Drums
Anton - Bass

For more info:


Thy Despair band was founded by guitarist Nephilim in 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine. Initially, the band was called Thoughts of the Desperate and revealed the essence of despair in its lyrics. The first songs were written in the style of gothic doom metal under the influence of such bands as Sins of thy Beloved, Betray My Secrets, Tristania, Draconian, Estatic Fear. Later, the music became faster, instrumental parts became more complicated and exceeded the scope of gothic doom, but, nevertheless, the aesthetic melody and gloomy atmosphere remain the hallmark of the band until now. Along with the change in style, it was decided to change the name of the band to Thy Despair.

Since 2008, the band has been active live all across Ukraine, not only in Kiev clubs, but in Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Kremenchug, Kharkov.

In 2011, Thy Despair went on a 3-year hiatus and returned in 2014 with new material and fresh lineup and material. In addition to the founder Nephilim, this line-up included Frozt on drums and Nick on keyboard who played in the previous Thy Despair line-up. New vocalist Tatyana Mikhailova (Malinconia) joined the line up along with Ep (Mental Torment, I Miss My Death) became the bass player. In such a composition, the band actively performed in clubs and open-air events. In 2015, Thy Despair experienced new problems with the line-up, after releasing the Ukrainian-language single “Vilny” (2015).  The band took a pause for 2 years.

In 2017, Thy Despair was resurrected in a completely new lineup: Elin - vocal, Nephilim - guitar / growl, Strike (Crisis, Black Cat, Lord of Dust) - guitar, Navka (Dolonі, Censor, No Brakes) - keyboards, Anton (Censor, Black Cat) - bass, Alex (Two Streets) - drums. Everyone contributed something new, and the music of the band started to sound in a new key.

On May 16th, 2018 Thy Despair released their EP album called “The Free One” which included 3 tracks: “The Free One”, “Sabbath”, and “War”. The lyrics were strongly influenced by the war in Ukraine. Man’s aspiration for freedom and his scramble with insidious creatures willing to enslave his body, mind, and soul was the main idea the band developed in its lyrics.  

The band decided to release the EP album in two variants: in Ukrainian and in English languages. This decision was made in order to get across to the English speaking audience the idea of liberating struggle and aspiration for freedom of nation in general and personality in particular. A limited number of CDs with Ukrainian language version were also released. 

During 2018-2019, Thy Despair performed locally in Kieve along with performance on Ukrainian open-air festivals Black Sea Metal Fest and Rock Bulava.

In May of 2019, the band has released a tribute to Game of Thrones main theme on Youtube. This release included a video of the most epic moments of the series with Thy Despair's unique authorial vision of how original music should sound like. The song also has authored lyrics inspired by Game of Thrones series. 

Now in 2020, Thy Despair will unleash their first full length "The Song of Isolation" via Italy based label Rockshots Records on May 8th.

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