Lutharö Shares Teaser Video For New EP "Wings of Agony" Coming March 27th Tuesday February 18 2020, 7:50 PM
Lutharö Shares Teaser Video For New EP "Wings of Agony" Coming March 27th

Hamilton, Ontario's Lutharö are sharing with fans a teaser clip for their forthcoming music video in support of their sophomore EP “Wings of Agony” due out March 27th along with launching its pre-order via Bandcamp .

The teaser can be viewed here: o5DMBwVgeKQ  

"Wings of Agony" promises to be more innovative and imaginative than Lutharö's 2018 debut "Unleash The Beast". The band stepped out of their comfort zone for this recording and they anticipate a solid reception from current and new fans. The EP was produced by the band with mixing done by Tyler Williams (Monolithic Productions) and mastering by Lasse Lammert. 

Lutharö adds:

" We are hoping to have a really good response from our fans. We want you all to be able to relate to the strong messages on this EP and find empowerment from it. We did experiment a lot more with this recording than our previous release. We picked the strongest songs we had written and also chose the ones that we felt complimented each other well. We feel this EP is  darker but still melodic and embodies the same amount of energy that we convey live."

The EP artwork done by Costin Chioreanu and track listing can be found below.

Lutharö is suggested for fans of Arch Enemy, Unleash The Archers, and Amon Amarth.

Track Listing:
1 - Barren (5:21)
2 - Diamond Back (4:31)
3 - Blood Lightning (4:41)
4 - Will to Survive (5:09)
5 - Wings of Agony (6:02)
EP Length: 25:45

For more info:  


Lutharö hails from Hamilton, Canada and this group of motivated musicians is bringing a fresh take on heavy metal to listeners around the world.

Meticulously blending a range of sounds from death metal to power metal, Lutharö is quality extreme music for all audiences. They formed in 2013 and with furious passion and drive, quickly established themselves at the forefront of the local metal scene.

Vocalist Krista Shipperbottom takes inspiration from everyday life events to create the powerful lyrics which she then belts out to the energetic guitar work performed by Victor Bucur and John Raposo. The powerful low end comes from bassist Chris Pacey and keeping everything together is Duval Gabraiel on drums. The highly streamlined group works collaboratively on each track to ensure a unique and diverse final product.

Over the years, Lutharö has grown into their distinctive sound, emerging with a heavy and dark formula that gets fans moving. In 2018, they released their debut EP “Unleash The Beast” to great reception and are set to follow it up in 2020 with their sophomore release “Wings of Agony”.Catchy riffs, blazing solos and vocals ranging from vicious growls to cleans that will send a chill down your spine, make Lutharö a well-rounded powerhouse of a band that brings beauty, aggression and skill to the genre.

Their unbridled stage domination has been apparent with live gigs alongside Unleash the Archers, Alestorm, and The Agonist. Even with an already impressive resume, Lutharö is just getting started.

"Wings of Agony" is due out March 27, 2020.

"What Lutharö offer is a melodic strain of thrash metal with melo-death overtones and light progressive tinges. Think of Unleash The Archers buying shots of Jagermeister for Iron Maiden and Arch Enemy." - Metal Observer
"One thing is for sure and that’s Lutharo are larger than life on stage." - Decibel Geek
" will experience non-stop excellent, energetic, forward looking mix of speed, thrash and melodic death metal...Lutharo deserves to be noticed..." - Metal Reviews
"an extremely fun, crisp and pleasant fusion of 80’s Heavy Metal with modern-day Melodic Death Metal the likes of The Agonist and Arch Enemy. Spearheaded by the talented she-wolf Krista Shipperbottom, whose vocal style, hair and looks remind me of The Agonist’s stunning frontwoman Vicky Psarakis, the band delivered a solid performance for the fans." - The Headbanging Moose (Live Review - Toronto - 2018)

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