Awake The Demons Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Sunday February 9 2020, 10:13 AM
Awake The Demons Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

Awake The Demons crushes the polls with 9,467 votes!

Awake The Demons, also abbreviated ATD, is a metal band from Constanţa, Romania. Formed in 2016,the band originally consisted of vocalist Claudiu Ciorbaru alone - 16 years old at that time - who is also the lyricist and songwriter. After working solo for one year, driven by his dream and passion, he asked his best friends to lend a hand and help him create "something big". Soon after, Dragoş Mărgărint (20years old, guitarist - joined in 2017) and Levent Musa (21 years old, keyboard player - joined in 2018)became a part of the project. Dragoş had to leave the band in 2018 due to personal reasons and studies leaving Claudiu and Levent the only remaining members at that time. Awake The Demons debuted in April 2018 with "Downfall", an instrumental track made entirely using computer programs. Inspired by Five Finger Death Punch’s “Canto 34”, it describes a journey filled with obstacles in which the only way of surviving is to keep going and adapt to the given situation. The next song, “Uprising”, also an instrumental - was released in May 2018. Both songs had limited success.Almost demoralized, the boys nearly abandoned the whole project. After some deep soul searching,Claudiu was too determined to leave it like that and made the leap of faith to keep pushing forward."Brother... this band is my only reason to live right now, my biggest dream! Metal music is my savior and you know it well so I won't let a small set back get to me, we must keep going!”With help from Erick Draven, a fellow musician and now friend he met while promoting "Uprising" on social media, and Ritual Burning, a metal band from Chicago, Awake The Demons released their demo,Cycle Of The Damned, which now is part of Claudiu’s side project instead of being an ATD song. It met with success and positive feedback. It was the band’s first "complete" song, a track which Claudiu describes: "This track talks about my life, it presents my life and the title says it all. The moments I suffered alone, the moments I thought I was done for good, each obstacle in my journey... each moment of sorrow seems endless, a hellish cycle of the damned". It was the success the band craved for. The single very quickly played on five radio shows in the US. The band was highlighted in a YouTube podcast
- “Licking County Metal Heads Weekly - Season 3 Ep.1” - and was being spread all across social media by fans. This exposure and support led to the band getting more attention from metal lovers worldwide."Congratulations, Claudiu and Levent! You made something impossible become true", said Dragoş. Claudiu follows and is influenced by great metal bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Arch Enemy,Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden, Parkway Drive, Breaking Benjamin, Woods Of Ypres a.s.o. and is inspired to create his own music: “I was introduced to metal when I was 12 or so. From that point on music is my life and my life is music. I always listen to what I feel and I feel what I listen. This applies for writing lyrics as well. I consider myself quite a lucky person because I’ve got the chance to talk with Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) and he kept me motivated and going.”The band will be back to resume their work and try to reach the world's biggest stages, now having permanent members and are a consistent number of gigs: "I will keep working! We will keep working!We will do it together! We are a family now and we know we can make the dream come true! All we have to do right now is to promote our songs to the growing number of listeners, work hard and stay motivated. We will continue to create more songs and evolve." Awake The Demons is: Claudiu Ciorbaru – vocalist Eugen Botnaru – Vocalist Luca Vucmanovici – Guitarist Sabin Pavel – Guitarist Vlad Constantin – Bassist Tomi Drăgan - Drummer Below are links to our official YouTube channel, ReverbNation, Facebook and Instagram pages including ATD’s email address.

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