Extreme Metal Attack XVII 20.21 March 2020 / Porto - Portugal Thursday February 6 2020, 6:03 AM
Extreme Metal Attack XVII 20.21 March 2020 / Porto - Portugal

HELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present the 17th edition of Extreme Metal Attack Festival on March 20th and 21st at Metalpoint's venue in the entrenched city of Porto.

The old days are gone but not forgotten here!

Seventeen years ago, from Portugal's highest mountain shattering winds, a timeless pact was forged between the past, the present, and the future. Metal's unholy spirit should be praised for all eternity - and thus has been done since that day!

This is undoubtedly HELLDPROD's purpose within this organization, to show the world that the underground scene still boils with a growing, burning passion for darkness, a never-ending thirst for the extreme, an undisputed mindset against the mainstream, and a perpetual code of honor that defies all moral and organized standards.

Yes, from this starless blackened peak, we stand and praise for all its ancient glory, and we believe that metal has to be played with an uncanny dirtiness, with rotten leather and bulletbelts, in an inverted state of feverish possession, and with thy bloody soul soaked in alcohol. As we speak unto you, Satan himself couldn't be prouder of this commandments!

This 2020 edition gathers some of our finest selections concerning this way of life, and HELLPROD are sure as hell you will enjoy them, too. The metal altars of speed, thrash, death, and black gather in a single moment of murkiness for all barbaric and diehard hounds. Expect no less than relentless headbanging and horned fists raised up in this fiendish reunion!

March 20th & 21st, Metalpoint, Porto
We're the night disciples!
We glorify darkness!
We bang till the flaming dawn!
We drink and piss till death!
We curse false metal!
We raise hell!
We are Extreme Metal Attack!

\m/ 17 Years In League With 666 \m/

March, 20th Friday:
Opening Doors - 22h00
Deathwomb (Spa) Black Death
Vectis (Por) | Black Thrash
Necro Chaos (Por) | Death Metal
March, 21th Saturday:
Opening Doors - 17h00

Ungod (Ger) | Black Metal
Alcoholocaust (Por) | Black Speed Thrash
Supremative (Spa) | Black Metal
Rapture (Gre) | Death Thrash
Fabulous Desaster (Ger) | Thrash Metal
Aggressive Perfector (UK) | Speed Thrash Heavy

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TICKETS (Limited to 200) | www.helldprod.com
March, 20th Friday: 10€ (Pin+Sticker)
March, 21th Saturday: 20€ (CD+Sticker)

Pre-sale ticket Both days: 25€ (CD+Pin+Sticker)
*(available until 15 March)

DIE-HARD Pack Fest: 30€
(Ticket 2 days, T-shirt, CD, Tape, Pin, Poster, Sticker)
Limited to 30 Units


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