Canadian Heavy Metallers IRON KINGDOM Announce European Tour Dates Wednesday February 5 2020, 6:02 AM
Canadian Heavy Metallers IRON KINGDOM Announce European Tour Dates

Far Left: Leighton Holmes (Bass) | Centre Left: Chris Osterman (Vocals & Guitar) | Centre Right: Megan Merrick (Guitar) | Far Right: Chris Sonea (Drums)

Photo Credit: Benjamin Somobere 

Inspired by legendary pillars of heavy metal such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, and Rush, IRON KINGDOM is well known for their energetic and electrifying stage presence, as well as intricate musical melodies that bring listeners back to a time when the genre was in its prime.

This past October, the band unleashed their latest album "On The Hunt" along with kicking off a two-month North American tour in support of the full-length. Now recharged after a short break home in Vancouver, BC, the full force DIY Canadian heavy metallers announce they will be crossing the Atlantic for six-show dates in Europe that include performing at Full Metal Osthessen Festival (DE) and Swordbrothers Metal Fest (DE) plus a show date supporting Vicious Rumors (all dates listed below). 

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Osterman adds:

“After our last tour of Europe in 2014, we knew that they held heavy metal very close to their hearts, and we knew it was something very special for the genre. Europe was always on our minds, it was always a conversation at rehearsals and band meetings, but for one reason or another, we kept having to delay our return. You know it really is quite strange to think it’s been six whole years since we performed there, We’re so honoured and excited to have been invited back, and we are so thankful to say that now the wait is over, it’s truly been far too long!  We will see you soon!! But until then, just remember to Keep It Steel!” 

IRON KINGDOM's latest album "On The Hunt" offers up nine traditional heavy metal influenced tracks that translate well into a live setting, which is paramount for the band who take great pride in their live show. Fans of the bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, and Helloween will revel in IRON KINGDOM. 

"On The Hunt" (CD & Digital) is available on the following platforms:
Band's Online Store

Music Video - 'Road Warriors' - 


IRON KINGDOM - European Tour 2020
March 4 - Paris, FR - Le Klub
March 5 - Hamburg, DE - Bambi galore w/ Riot City
March  6 - Stadskanaal, NL - Bolle Ruud
March 7 - Neiderkassel, DE - Full Metal Osthessen Festival
March 12 - Tilburg, NL - Little Devil w/ Vicious Rumors
March 14 - Lunen, DE - Swordbrothers Metal Fest

Other Dates:
Feb 11 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre w/ Ross The Boss
April 17 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre -  Hyperspace Metal Festival

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Inspired by legendary pillars of heavy metal such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, and Rush, Iron Kingdom is well known for their energetic and electrifying stage presence, as well as intricate musical melodies that bring listeners back to a time when the genre was in its prime.

Formed in Surrey, Canada, in June of 2011, Iron Kingdom's intent was to fill the gap of bands that are heavy, but not extreme, melodic but not mainstream, technical but approachable. ‘Curse Of The Voodoo Queen’ was released on Dec 14, 2011, and the band took the opportunity to tour western Canada, along with an appearance on the CTV Show, Canada’s Got Talent (viewership of 1 million on that episode). With the debut album finishing its cycle, the group decided it was time to record a new album, and by April 26, 2013, ‘Gates Of Eternity’ was released. Garnering strong reviews and attention from around the world, Iron Kingdom was invited to perform at Germany’s Keep It True XVII festival. 

Following this massive milestone, Iron Kingdom set out to pursue as many opportunities as they could spending some serious time on the road through Canada in 2013, Europe in 2014, followed by a tour in the USA with California’s Night Demon. The band had created some major momentum and Iron Kingdom were spreading their moniker far and wide in support of the first two releases.

On July 30, 2015, Iron Kingdom released not one but two more albums, ‘Ride For Glory’, their 3rd full-length album, as well as ‘Unleashed At The Kraken (Live In Seattle)’, an exclusive live E.P. recorded on a previous tour.  The band set out on the road again in support of the two new releases. The tour was unfortunately riddled with many trials, including a vehicle accident that almost killed the band members. Life on the road continued, including a massive North American tour in 2016, as well as a tour in Brazil in a supporting slot for former frontman of Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley. 

As of 2019, with a new lineup and a new album ‘On The Hunt’ on its way, Iron Kingdom will once again be ready to take the world by storm and aid in the revival of the mighty and classic sounds of Traditional Heavy Metal.

“their latest work is the most refined Iron Kingdom album. One word obligatory item for old heavy school freaks.” – Power Metal Warrior (Poland) (Ride For Glory Review 2015)

“This is a tremendous throwback into the (first) golden age of metal.” – Merchants of Air (Belgium) (Ride For Glory Review 2015)

““Gates Of Eternity" could prove to be one of the most important discoveries in 2013 for U.S. Metal lovers.” – Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) (Gates of Eternity Review  2013)

“Sometimes you just want some glorious old school metal that makes you want to batter a dragon to death. Iron Kingdom are said band and from the opening track, At The Gates, I’m sold. When we reach Crowned In Iron we truly reach old school metal at its finest” - Sound the Charge (Scotland) (Gates of Eternity Review  2013)

“I want an Iron Kingdom/Voodoo Queen Baseball Tee so I can blast this album and try to sing along, banging my head and driving to the stadium in my Trans Am to drink cans of Bud in the parking lot before the Iron Kingdom show! I wish it was the 80's right now.” -  Metal Titans (Canada) (Curse of the Voodoo Queen Review 2011)

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