New Free Stuff From Redefining Darkness For 2020 Monday January 27 2020, 6:23 AM
New Free Stuff From Redefining Darkness For 2020

Wanted to share some cool releases our friends at Redefining Darkness just launched this 2020 - most of which are NAME YOUR OWN PRICE on the digital version - All worth checking out for FREE!
1) BROTTHOGG - Echoes of the Past
Norwegians doing what they do second best next to burning down churches... playing black metal! This is done expertly well and would a shame for anyone to miss grabbing this download for FREE.
* also comes with the 2017 EP, The Last Traveller.
For fans of : Emperor, Dissection, Old Man’s Child, and Keep of Kalessin

2) HOT GRAVES - A Magnificent Death | Haunted Graves EP
This is filthy D-beat / Crust with a blackened twist - not far off from Disfear, Skitsystem, Wolfbrigade, and Midnight.
While the brand new Haunted Graves EP doesn’t become fully downloadable until its release date on FEB 28th, you can still grab their full length, A Magnificent Death for FREE. Such a fun and killer record.

A 90’s style Death / Black / Thrash Molotov cocktail fronted by vocalist / drummer Ash Thomas (of Shed The Skin/ Faithxtractor) ! Really cool stuff that reminds me of the days when I was discovering new bands in my youth 20 some odd years ago.
Grab the digital FREE or Preorder the CD..or both!
For fans of - Dissection, Ophthamalia, and Teutonic Thrash

4) PLAGUE - Portraits of Mind
Death Metal the way it was intended to be from this young up-in-coming band from Greece. Big time early Death-vibes here while never sounding like a clone.
Unfortunately, this is the only one that is NOT available at NYOP, but you can stream their first single via their bandcamp -


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