Paul Stanley Tells What He Really Thinks About David Lee Roth Sunday January 26 2020, 9:01 AM
Paul Stanley Tells What He Really Thinks About David Lee Roth

KISS’ iconic frontman and guitarist, Paul Stanley was the latest interview guest of ‘The Blaring Out With Eric Blair Show’ at the grand opening of the Rock & Brews restaurant in Tustin, California. The questions were asked by Eric Blair.

In the interview, Paul Stanley has talked about what he felt when heard that David Lee Roth will join their tour called ‘End Of The Road.’ Also, he mentioned his friendship with another bandmate, Gene Simmons.

Eric Blair asked:

“What the best part is of having David Lee Roth opening for KISS ‘End Of The Road’ tour ?”

Paul Stanley replied:

“Well, Dave‘s got so many great songs. All the Van Halen catalog is terrific, and that’s what he’s doing. So, people get to hear all those great songs, and it was something that really appealed to u.”

Eric Blair asked:

“What he loves the most about his KISS bandmate Gene Simmons?”

Paul Stanley continued:

“I happen to love his heart. He’s a great guy, and in spite of what other people might think, or what he projects to people or some of the things he says, he’s been my brother for 50 years and his family.”

Eric Blair asked another question:

“Why he thinks the music of KISS and the image of KISS has stood the test of time?”

Paul said this:

“I think musically, it’s because we never preached. And what we’ve done is really timeless. When you sing about self-empowerment and when you sing about believing in yourself and succeeding on your own terms, that’s timeless.

We’re not singing about saving the whales. There’s a lot of causes that are great. Interestingly, I think some people miss the whole point that some of the most important things that could be said are the simplest.

And that’s what we do. We also try to make sure that everybody is included in our shows. You have young, young people; you have people in their 70s, 80s. And the look, it’s just a way of saying to people that you can’t always look like us, but you can feel like us. So, I can give it a lot of analyses, but at the end of the day, it’s worked.”

You can watch the full of the interview right below.

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