MALIGNAMENT to release debut demo on vinyl thru PURITY THROUGH FIRE Wednesday January 1 2020, 12:24 PM
MALIGNAMENT to release debut demo on vinyl thru PURITY THROUGH FIRE

Today, Purity Through Fire sets January 31st, 2020 as the international release date for Malignament's debut Demo I on 12" vinyl format.

One of the most powerful demos Purity Through Fire has come across in recent years, Malignament's Demo I puts most official/regular-length releases to shame in sheer songwriting prowess and furious, full-throttle execution. Not much is known about this band, other than that they hail from Finland. And while bearing some/many traits for which Finnish black metal is known/renown, Malignament offer a more overtly muscular and most definitely more triumphant aspect than that scene's characteristic freezing fire. In fact, the dizzying/mesmerizing melodicism that poignantly pushes each of these three tracks onward is a unique trait unto itself, when paired with such a roiling 'n' robust soundfield. Above all, the duo drive deeply into the fundamentals of black metal and reside there - and there alone - never varying in their dedication or sidestepping into more miscegenated waters: simply, the purest and proudest all-caps BLACK METAL, no more but definitely no less.

Demo I is but the start of Malignament's march, so beware or be gone! Hear the original demo it in its entirety HERE .

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