GIGANTOMACHIA Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Sunday December 15 2019, 9:40 PM
GIGANTOMACHIA Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

Coming in with a devastation 11,151 votes!

From an ancient but overbearing album, an ancestral and metallic sound.
Ancient myths in a death-key!

The band says: “We are very fond of Aldebaran, both because it is the first song we composed, and because he talks about the myths related to our city, Alatri, and to his creation. We are proud to introduce it more than a year after its release with a new mix and mastering, curated by our producer Gianmarco Bellumori, who has given new life to our song.”
Gigantomachia was born in 2015.
The monicker is linked to the legend of Alatri, the city of Cyclopes, and to Greek mythology.
The band has played in various Italian festivals, such as Rometal Festival, Sinistro Fest, Phoenix Fest and has shared the stage with Genus Ordinis Dei, Ade, Voltumna, Nebulae, Hellucination, Warbell, 5rand and with other bands on metal scene. The band still has an intense live activity.
ALDEBARAN Youtube link:

GIGANTOMACHIA: Gigantomachia.Official

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