Jason Becker and Pat Becker Share Their Thoughts on Triumphant Hearts One Year Anniversary Wednesday December 11 2019, 6:34 AM
Jason Becker and Pat Becker Share Their Thoughts on Triumphant Hearts One Year Anniversary

Jason Becker looks back at Triumphant Hearts release one year ago.

I couldn’t be happier with the music, and how my closest fans and friends received the album. I am so grateful to everyone involved with the making of this album, yet I couldn’t be more disappointed that not one national TV show wanted to tell the story, and one year later, my focus is more on healing than celebrating.

Jason’s mother, Pat Becker, shares her memories and thoughts about Triumphant Hearts.
After watching so many years of hard work and focus on this music, it was very exciting to finally see it come out for the world to hear at last. It’s a little hard to imagine how much work, talent, discipline, love of music, sleepless nights, decisions, angst, patience and nerves were involved with the process. I was there and I find it hard to believe. Starting with Jason, who had the vision and created songs he had thought about for so long; some songs were intricately planned and carried out, some songs evolved and changed, some were a surprise.

As I have noticed through the years, whenever Jason has a project, he attracts the best people to help him. Beginning with his buddies, Mike Bemesderfer and Dave Lopez, who are always there to encourage him and do anything in their power to make what he envisions possible. And we can add Dan Alvarez and Gary Rosenberg to that list, who both worked for him in any way they could to help with funding, setting up musicians, co-producing and anything else required at the time. It was such fun to watch Jason and Dan, who is fastidious, (I think even more than Jason) and loves Jason’s music, work together until they were satisfied. Jason always has the last word, but sometimes Dan brings him around and that’s always funny. Shota came along and rounded up an orchestra, went to Bulgaria to orchestrate while we watched Jason and Dan direct their playing. It was two early morning, rainy days and it was thrilling. Musicians/students from San Francisco State came to play some early stages of classical pieces and it was just beautiful. Jason’s brother Ehren and his friend and band mate, Matt Easton spent an afternoon singing the beginning stages of “Hold On To Love” for a demo, even before the words were complete.

Steve Knight from Flipsyde came to Jason’s home studio and recorded “We Are One” with all his heart. I loved it when he said, “play your guitar, Jason!” And, we can’t forget Serrana, who, along with Dave Lopez, knew Codany Holiday and invited him to sing what became the final version of”Hold On To Love.” He took no breaks and worked a solid 5 hours. It was amazing to watch.

I got to go to Fantasy Studios and watch the best vocal singers around put life and energy into his work. They all gave him such respect and love and appreciation for his compositions.
Each week something new would come in. A beautiful solo from another astounding player, a violin solo no one could have played. A cello from heaven, guitar solos sent with the love and care of, not only the professional musicians they were, but humble folks who loved Jason enough to give him pieces of their own hearts and music.

Of course, none of this could have been done without Serrana, Marilyn, Elizabeth, Gary, Nancy, Angela, and all the loved ones who care so much for Jason.

I would be lying to say I wasn’t disappointed that there were no Grammy nominations for this beautiful work. To me, this album is filled with the heart and soul of a person, coming out in the most exquisite notes, making heart-melting melodies; the very definition of music. And how was it done? By eye movement and love. It would have been so nice to have that acknowledgement. But, in the end, this music is Jason’s life. He cannot speak or play anymore, but he is still able to convey such love and beauty with his own story. He is able to touch hearts, and his accomplishments are staggering to me. I loved reading the reviews, also filled with love, appreciation and understanding of what he had accomplished. Thank you, one and all for that. And Jason’s fans continue to astound me with their love, generosity and support. This album could not have happened without them. And those are the miracles I see in this story and this music. That it can be done by someone who has been given so much talent and love, as well as so many challenges, and that so many people are willing to help in any way they can to make it as possible and as easy as they can for him to do it. If that isn’t a miracle, what is?I am now recovering from two cataract surgeries I had last week. My vision is still funky, but slowly getting better. With my eye sight as it is, hopefully I won’t accidentally vote for Justin Bieber.” 
Here's what the press has raved about Jason Becker's “Triumphant Hearts”:
“Jason Becker is Beethoven for the 21st Century. Listen to how he composes each song. Each delicate note has purpose. Every instrument ebbs and flows throughout each piece. Each guitar lick enriches the depths of each intricate movement. It makes sense that this isn’t a rock album. It’s a classical album. One I hope that will be around long after I’m gone.” - Maafbox

“This is an album I never thought would happen, a brand new album by guitar maestro Jason Becker. 'Triumphant Hearts' is exactly what it says on the tin. Triumphant. It's an album full of stunning music composed by a genius musician who has to score the opus note by note. This is quite simply a magnificent record that spews emotion.” - All About The Rock

“If there is one thing that gets high marks for originality, it is a musical genius, a prisoner of his own body, writing a love letter to the world using only his eyes, and the love and support of his family, fans, and friends. The album really has something for everyone, with exceptionally beautiful composition, heart, soul, and even some good old burning it up on the fingerboard. he has given the world a masterpiece and a message of love and triumph.” - Sonic Perspectives

The music on 'TRIUMPHANT HEARTS' is all about the beauty of life and the dignified treatment of one another - the essence of humanity.” - ClassicRock.net
“Jason Becker is a musical phenomenon.” - Darkstars

“It shows Jason Becker as the talented guitarist of his youth, but also a composer of exceptionally high standards. A picture may paint a thousand words, but music says things that words never can and 'Triumphant Hearts' manages to say it all. It's humbling, emotional, inspirational and filled with the brilliance of Jason Becker.” - Photo Groupie

“'Triumphant Hearts' by Jason Becker is a testament to the unyielding spirit of an artist driven to create. No matter what the challenge or hardship, a true artist's life force is ignited and fueled by their work. You cannot help but be inspired by these compositions and admire the composer for the sheer joy he brings to us through them.” - Metal Wani

“'Triumphant Hearts' makes a joyous statement about Becker's enduring creativity in the face of incredible adversity and the fact he is still a major catalyst to his contemporaries. You will be rewarded by an album that taps into one of the most remarkable musical spirits of the modern rock era.” - Get Ready to Rock
“Years in the making, yet well worth the wait. This album is an audible journey through the brain of one of Rock's finest ambassadors conveyed by those who loved him and the few who are capable of translating such majesty into recorded music. Showcase his compositional skills through mesmerising arrangements and gorgeous atmospheric storytelling.” - Rock N Load Magazine

“Jason Becker will always and everywhere continue to influence guitarists and musicians around the world. His personal story will be an inspiration for millions of people.” - Concert Monkey
“Guitar fans get ready for one amazing onslaught of guitar magic on 'Triumphant Hearts.' 'Triumphant Hearts' is an amazing event that every music fan needs to hear. The man and his music will make an impression on you one way or another, I can promise you that.” - Prog Rock Music Talk

“The album's 14 tracks showcase Jason's gift for melody and his deep knowledge of classical composition and orchestral arrangement. Jason has assembled some of the great guitarists of our genre on 'Triumphant Hearts.’” - All That Shreds

“Jason Becker, in addition to delivering a sublime album, gives us a great lesson in life, confronting adversity and surpassing oneself. Bravo the artist.” - Among the Living France
A true masterpiece that has to be one of the best albums I've heard all year. buy it because it's one of the best albums you’ll hear all year. I’d be happy to listen to on repeat for hours on end.” - Planet Mosh

“One of the greatest works that has happened this year” - Stormbringer

“A record that should be accepted as one of the most extraordinary declarations of love for music and life ever written. 'Triumphant Hearts' is a moving, vibrant, beautiful, excruciating work.” - Accordo Italy

“Some of the most genius material I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a masterpiece sounds like. A true work of art. An overwhelming inspiration.” - Metal Nexus

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