Study Shows Metal Music Is Good For Your Brain Wednesday November 20 2019, 6:53 PM
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Study Shows Metal Music Is Good For Your Brain

First things first, metal fanboys, music often becomes the subject of numerous academic research articles and scientific analyses. Although some people, who value stereotypes more than common sense, claim that metal music can only be atrocious for one’s body and soul (sic!), qualified researchers prove just the same. According to the recent research, kindly offered to us by the experts from Essay Shark , scholars found out that metal music can significantly improve one’s mental health. Are you curious enough? Just read on.

Research results

    As we’ve already mentioned, the results of the study regarding the impact of metal music on the human body concluded that our music has the most beneficial implications for the sample group aged 18-24. 

Also, it was identified that young people can transform their traumatic experiences into useful lessons just by listening to metal. In particular, researchers empirically found out that young adults can re-identify their former social problems and adjust themselves in the direction of the right mindset.

In that case, you should also be aware that our music was believed by the research participants to be the so-called panacea for going through tough real-life situations. So, it is better to believe in that research since its design and the overall line of argumentation seems to be more than credible.

Other important details

    Music fans, like all of us, should also review other research results, which were published recently. According to the latest study about the link of metal music to suicide, most of the previous research articles were invalid in their essence. 

Simply put, all the previous “scholars,” who claimed that this music genre will be most likely to cause suicide moods forgot about external factors, such as drug abuse, alienation, and poor family relationships. Just by keeping in mind those results, we become more certain that our music definitely creates better mindsets, even in terms of the biological and physiological domains.


    When it comes to the issue of violence, we found out even more results regarding our genre. As it was researched in Australia, people who regularly listen to metal music show the same rates of violence and responses to violent imagery as people who listen to other musical genres. 

That would be most likely to become a crucial point in proving that metal music has nothing to do with real-life crime and violence, regardless of the character of the song lyrics. The good news is that metal fans, like many other fans of other music genres, are equally sensitive to violent imagery, which best represents our own affiliation to violence, which is absent.

Maybe happiness?

    Well, it might become a real surprise for you, but metal music is capable of releasing energetic and powerful emotional bursts , according to Australian scholars. They found out that active listening to metal music can be a driver for the increased happiness rates, alongside the overall enhancement in one’s emotional state. 

Simply put, it was found out that our music can make listeners happier, regardless of whether they listened to brutal sub-genres or not. We also agree with that point, even though we are not qualified scholars in human behavior and physiology.

Yes! Community!

    It can be odd, but scholars also reviewed the social concept of metal music, which relies upon creating a sense of affiliation to a certain community. Just by attending local gigs and discussing the latest releases with your friends, you cope with the sense of alienation. And since metal fans have one of the strongest communities, which emphasizes communal notions, inclusivity, and mosh-pit etiquette,  it isn’t a surprise that metal makes people closer, both physically and mentally.

Our opinion

    From our perspective, all those results of valid studies show the bright side of metal music. If some people still believe that our genre matches individuals with mental issues or suicidal thoughts, they have to read those research articles from A to Z.

We were happy to found out that our beloved genre can allow us to combat our stress, make us happier, adjust our mindset, and even unite ourselves into a single community. For us, it is more than obvious that science stands for us, friends.

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