Moanaa releases new EP Saturday November 2 2019, 6:08 AM
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Moanaa releases new EP

Polish post-metallers come back with extended play titled 'Torches'.
Three track release predicts their upcoming LP (spring 2020) and includes overwhelming rendition of Placebo's 'Without You I'm Nothing'.
Recording sessions took place mid-2019 in Wieloślad & Heaven's Sound studios with Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, THAW, Blaze Of Perdition) responsible for mix and mastering.
Moanaa hailing from Bielsko-Biała, Poland started in 2010 with self-titled EP. Since then band toured a lot in their native country, including eg. the Days of No Light Tour with Blaze of Perdition and Mord’A’Stigmata and landing support slots for artists like Jarboe, The Ocean or Rosetta.

Łukasz ‘cHooDy’ Kursa - guitar
Maciej Kosarz- guitar
K-vass - vocals
Kamil Gębala - drums
Łukasz Tomiczek - bass
guest vocals in 'Without You I’m Nothing' - Jakub Radomski
mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg / Satanic Audio
vocals engineed by Jakub Radomski
drums recorded at Heaven's sound
guitars recorded at Wieloślad Studio
artwork - pastor graphics
typoghrapy -
layout -
released october 23th, 2019
Youtube: Moanaa

Moanaa EP (2010)
Descent (2014)
Passage (2016)

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