Black metal band Astaroth Incarnate stream "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)" Monday October 28 2019, 9:30 PM
Black metal band Astaroth Incarnate stream "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)"

Symphonic black metal Astaroth Incarnate have just released their new single "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)" via Metal Underground. The song is from their upcoming album Ascendance which will be released in December.

The band commented "I am Fire / I am Death (Omega) is the continuation of the first track (Alpha) that we released and it showcases a much more diverse and experimental side of the band which may be shocking or surprising to anyone who has heard of our material before to say the least. As our sound evolved since our last release, we wanted to create a song which encompassed two different sides and mentality of the band. Our effort to release relentless extreme metal while also always exploring new sonic territories and challenging ourselves to create unique new music."

Listen to the song here:  http://www. details.cfm?newsid=146188

Pre-order here:  https:// astarothincarnate.bandcamp. com/album/ascendance

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