Check Out Hell Riders, From Volcano Promotion! Sunday October 27 2019, 9:46 AM
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Check Out Hell Riders, From Volcano Promotion!

HELL RIDERS began forming in 2017, when two members of the band Beyond Death of Humanity decided to give a heavy metal vibe to their songs. In 2018, Richard Crowley and (at the time of this writing) former drummer Jo are joined by singer Dave Jolly, which will be the birth of today's Hell Riders. After a few formation changes, we get to the actual lineup, located between Italy and Switzerland, consisting of: Dave Jolly (vocals), Richard Crowley (lead guitar), Luke Mad Manta (rhythmic guitar), Caty Van Alchemy (bass), Jimmy Dirt (drums). After some live experiences, on December 1st 2018 the band signs a contract with the label Volcano Records & Promotion and on the 17th of the same month they begin recording their first full length album.

HELL RIDERS line-up:
Davide Girardi (Dave Jolly) - Voice
Caterina La Chimia (Caty Van Alchemy) - Bass
Riccardo Marcassa (Richard Crowley) - Guitar
Angelo Cislaghi (Jimmy Dirt)- Drum
Beyond Death [OFFICIAL AUDIO] -


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