OZZY Never Heard of POST MALONE Before Collaboration Tuesday September 17 2019, 6:48 AM
OZZY Never Heard of POST MALONE Before Collaboration

We finally have a bit of clarification on Post Malone's claim that Ozzy said that their collaboration was the greatest thing Ozzy's done since the Sabbath days. It seems Ozzy was talking about his own solo album which was the result of his collaboration with Malone.
You see, Ozzy collaborated with Malone through Malone's producer, Andrew Watt. Ozzy enjoyed the experience of working with Watt behind the boards so much, that he decided to hire Watt to work on Ozzy's new solo record. And THAT music, on the solo record, is what Ozzy considers his greatest material.
Speaking to The Sun, Ozzy said “I’ve made a new album and it’s helped get me back on track. I was just lying in my own self-pity for months. It’s the greatest album I’ve done.”
So he probably told this to Watt, who relayed it to Malone, who assumed Ozzy was talking about their track rather than his overall work with Watt.
Ozzy then went onto explain that he got in touch with Watt after being contacted about working with Post Malone, a rapper who Ozzy never heard of (kind of ironic, isn't it?) and that he enjoyed the process enough to want to work even more with Watt:
 “I’d never even heard of this kid. He wanted me to sing on his song Take What You Want, so I did and then one thing led to another. I started recording a new album with Post Malone’s producer Andrew Watt. It’s only nine tracks but it was a catalyst to get me to where I am today.”
 As Ozzy plays me Ordinary Man, a song from his new record, he says: “If it wasn’t for making this record I would still be on traction, thinking, ‘I’m going to be lying here for ever’. I’ve missed music so badly. My fans are so loyal and so good. Up until making the album I thought I was dying. But that got me off my ass.”
 But making studio album No 12 has reminded Ozzy he is not getting any younger.
 He says: “This is my first recording in a studio for ten years, so I do feel a bit out of touch.
Ozzy then has a great take on the music industry:
 “Music goes straight online these days and that’s quicker than it takes me to write a text. It’s all about downloads and streaming now. What the fuck does that mean? What’s Spotify? I thought it was a skin problem where you woke up spotified.
 “The album was all finished in four weeks. I said to Sharon that I didn’t feel like I’d made an album because we haven’t ended up screaming at each other.”
Oh man, Ozzy is always the best with the zinger.

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