Nergal Confronted At YMCA For Wearing DARKTHRONE Shirt & Kicked Out Not Believing In Jesus Friday August 16 2019, 6:52 AM
Nergal Confronted At YMCA For Wearing DARKTHRONE Shirt & Kicked Out Not Believing In Jesus

Behemoth are currently out on the road with Slipknot , Volbeat , and Gojira as part of the ongoing Knotfest Roadshow tour . The tour played Virginia Beach, VA on August 14, after their August 12 show in Clarkston, MI, and members of Behemoth figured they'd get a workout in beforehand at a local YMCA. Unfortunately that didn't happen because frontman Nergal was wearing a Darkthrone shirt and denied his belief in Jesus to someone who'd asked him, resulting in the band being ejected from the location.

It should be noted here that YMCA is an abbreviation for Young Men's Christian Association.

Nergal has since posted a commentary video directly after being booted and made the following written comment. It should also be noted that while Nergal does mention the location of the YMCA, it's not said clearly. This YMCA may not be near Virginia Beach, VA, and the location was only mentioned due to the tour's routing.

Jesus! This means war mate!

U can ask your buddies to censor my art, u can ask your disciples to bring me to courts, u can ask your sons to boycott Behemoth’s shows… but u can’t FUCK with my work out routine!

Darkthrone's official Instagram also caught wind of what happened, and have commented on the matter.

So @nergal69 was kicked out of a gym in the states where @behemoth are currently on tour yesterday because he was wearing a Darkthrone shirt and they asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ.
I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I heard about it.
The fun thing for me about all this is that the shirt he was wearing was an old original #Darkthrone shirt that I gave him about a year ago.

Have any of you had any simular problem wearing a Darkthrone shirt?
/////// @roger_mb_hoglund

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