Dropout Media offers free ebook "Social Media And Your Band" Sunday August 4 2019, 7:02 PM
Dropout Media offers free ebook "Social Media And Your Band"

Music industry consultant Matt Bacon is offering the e-Book Social Media and Your Band free of charge from DropoutMedia.net .  Covering a range of topics from branding to content marketing and long-range planning, the 45-page e-book helps bands build Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followings that translate to sales in real life. 

Matt's youthful, cigar-chomping countenance belies a wealth of experience that is beyond his years.  He's worked with bands like Enslaved , Exhorder , and Alcest , as well as labels including Ripple Music and Prophecy Productions .  He was also a keynote speaker at Norway's Inferno Fest 2019 , discussing how bands can make the most of their social media use.  His management and label services company, Dropout Media , ascribes to a DIY aesthetic and works to promote bands at every level.  With Social Media and Your Band, Matt is giving musicians the tools they need to use social media purposefully and get tangible results.

Download a free copy of Social Media and Your Band here: http://dropoutmedia.net/ ebooks/

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