The WEEDIAN Volume 2 Compilation Is Now Available! Sunday July 28 2019, 7:30 AM
The WEEDIAN Volume 2 Compilation Is Now Available!

"As with Volume One, these are bands I’ve been digging a bunch lately. You’ll notice that on this volume almost half the songs are instrumental. I love stoner doom that’s heavily Electric Wizard-influenced and tried to curate a volume which emphasized that. I wrapped up the comp with a song by The Pilgrim which is the side project of Gabriele from Black Rainbows. They aren’t stoner doom - in fact, it’s an acoustic album - but it’s one of my favorite albums of the year. Blues Funeral was once again super cool and agreed to continue their partnership with me. I really hope everyone enjoys the tunes as much as I do." - WEEDIAN
released July 24, 2019
Nearly all of these tracks have been released in some form previously, but they've been selected and assembled to create a cohesive listening and discovery experience.
Compilations like Burn One Up, Rise 13, Stone(d) Revolution and Welcome to MeteorCity were about finding new bands, making sonic connections, and rocking the fuck out, and that's what the WEEDIAN compilation series is all about. We hope you'll dig it from end to end just as it was envisioned.

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