SILVERIA APOLOGIZED TO KORN Saturday July 27 2019, 6:15 AM

Ex- KORN drummer David Silveria says that he has apologized to his former bandmates for the "wrong and mean" things he has said about them since his split from the group.

The musician, who drummed on all of KORN 's recordings through 2005's "See You On The Other Side" album, made the revelation while answering a fan on Instagram below an image of a fictional BLABBERMOUTH.NET article headlined "Korn Fans Have Some Demands: Bring Back David And Make Korn Great Again".

After the fan in question pointed out to David that the reason his overtures to KORN have likely been rebuffed is the fact that he "super disrespected" his former bandmates publicly, called KORN bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu "a cowardly little bitch," threatened them and sued them, Silveria responded: "I normally wouldn't even answer this. But to say. I have apologized to all members of korn. I was immature,hurt and mad that after head [guitarist Brian Welch ] they wouldn't let me back in. Specifically because the year before head came back I personally talked to head and tried to get him to along with me talk to the guys about both of us going back to korn. At that time head said ' David , you and I are good friends. But don't call me if you are only going to try to get me to go back to korn. I will never go back.' Then less than a year later he goes back to korn. On our phone call he said very negative things about korn which I won't repeat. The things I said were wrong and mean. I haven't said anything negative about korn in years now. I have the upmost respect for the guys and an appreciation for every one of those guys. The end"

Last month, Silveria , said that he would be willing to mend fences with his former bandmates. "Yeah, I would have no problem with it any way whatsoever," he said during an appearance on the "Appetite For Distortion" podcast. "I have no problem with anybody whatsoever. I just think at some point our comminications broke down so bad that our managers were calling other bandmembers, saying, 'Okay, we talked to Jon [singer Jonathan Davis ] about this or that. He wants to do this or that.' And I'm thinking, 'Why isn't Jon talking to us? Why is it happening like this?' And it just got worse and worse, to the point where we weren't even talking at all — nobody was even talking. It was so weird. I don't even know why the hell it ever got like that. It was so many years ago, I couldn't even imagine, at my age, ever having a relationship break down that bad and not just go up and say, 'Hey, we've gotta work this shit out. This is ridiculous.'"

Asked why he couldn't rekindle his relationship with his former bandmates, even if it's just on a friendship level, David said: "I really don't know why. I guess you have to ask those guys."

Silveria , who left KORN in 2006, told "The Ex-Man" podcast that his relationship with his bandmates started deteriorating around the time he suffered a serious back injury in the mid-2000s, which left him with debilitating pain that eventually led to his exit from the KORN .

Silveria originally sued KORN in February 2015, insisting that his exit from the group was merely a hiatus and that he was rebuffed when he tried to return to the band in 2013. David said he still had ownership interest in KORN and asked a judge to force the band to reveal how much money they've made since he left so that he can get his rightful share. KORN countersued and the two sides reached an agreement in 2016 that called for Silveria to give up his rights to KORN royalties going forward in exchange for a lump sum.

When Silveria sued KORN , he was said to be especially upset over the fact that the band welcomed back Welch six years ago but wouldn't do the same for him. Welch left the group in 2005 and continued as a solo artist before rejoining in 2013.

Silveria recently launched a new band called BI*AS . He is joined in the Orange County, California-based group by bassist Chris Dorame , guitarists Joe Taback and Mike Martin and singer Rich Nguyen .

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