Mad With Power Metal And Arcade Festival Shares Top 10 Fun Facts About The Event! Sunday July 14 2019, 11:21 PM
Mad With Power Metal And Arcade Festival Shares Top 10 Fun Facts About The Event!

With a month to go... villains and heroes alike will once again come together on August 10, 2019 to enjoy a buffet of power metal, arcade games and other nerdy delights at the third Mad With Power Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. This one-day fest boasts seven kickass bands featuring Theocracy, Lords of The Trident, Judicator, Helion Prime, Novareign, Widow and Fiakra playing a variety of power metal along with an exclusive appearance from Phillip Ahn, M.D. the actor who played Shang Tsung on Mortal Kombat II.

In celebration of the event, the festival has put together a top 10 fun facts list for attendees.

1. Shang Tsung will STEAL YOUR SOUL
- Dr. Phillip Ahn, AKA Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat 2 is this year's guest of honor! Meet the legend and challenge him to a bout, but be prepared for him to steal your soul if you lose!

2. Mead On Tap
- Local mead legends Bos Meadery has created a custom mead for Mad With Power fest, which will be available on tap! Enjoy the sparkling mix of cranberry, tamarind, and black currant!

3. Indie Arcade Cabinets
- Rare and independent cabinets will be featured at this year's fest, including fan-favorite "Death Ball" and space shoot-em-up Cosmotrons!

4. Giveaway Bags
- The first 100 people through the door will receive a custom Mad With Power drawstring backpack, free! Perfect to hold your merch purchases!

5. Free Compilation CD
- The first 100 people will also receive a free metal compilation CD!

6. Metal-Themed Playable Museum
- Thanks to Guys Games and Beer, concertgoers will get to try a "playable museum" of heavy metal-themed video games throughout the ages!

7. Free-Play Arcade & Pinball
- The High Noon Saloon will be STUFFED full of 20+ arcade and pinball cabinets, all set on FREE PLAY!

8. The Merch
- Since this is Mad With Power 3, all of the merch is Super Mario Bros 3 themed! Grab yourself a question-block-yellow fest shirt, and pick up one of the limited fest patches!

9. Make New Friends
- Metalheads of all ages will be sure to make new connections and find new friends. Challenge someone's high score!

10. The Music
- Of course, Mad With Power wouldn't be America's BEST heavy metal and arcade fest without the music! Join Theocracy, Lords of the Trident, Judicator, Helion Prime, Novareign, Widow, and Fiakra for one of the most jam-packed fests you'll ever attend!

There's also a Spotify playlist for fans of this year's 2019 line up, which can be heard at the following link
  here .

This year’s 2019 lineup includes:

Theocracy - Progressive Power Metal from Athens, GA!

Lords of the Trident - Madison's own Power Metal Heroes!

Judicator - Historical Power Metal from Arizona!

Helion Prime - Sci-Fi Power Metal from California!

Novareign - Heavy Power Metal from California!

Widow - Traditional Heavy metal from North Carolina!

Fiakra - Power Metal from New Jersey!

Tickets and more information can be found at the following links:

(please note Gold and Silver VIP tickets plus sponsorship ($250) tickets are sold out, general admin and 18+ tickets are still available)

Tickets: madwithpower/index.php/get- tickets/


Facebook event: events/620093948460813/

Instagram: @madwithpowerfest

MWP Partners:
Bos Meadery
Rokker Vodka
Warriors of Metal Fest
Queen City Metal Convergence
Wheelhouse Whiskey
Guys, Games, and Beer! Podcast
Phoenix Foreign Car Services
I/O Arcade Bar
Vintage Vault Arcade
Max Ink Radio/Magazine


Mad With Power - the Midwest’s only arcade and heavy metal festival - was a fest built out of spite. Angered by other fests making and breaking promises to him over and over again, fest founder Ty Christian did the only rational thing: make his own fest - and make it better - by filling venues to the brim with free-play arcade and pinball games!

Now in its third year, Mad With Power fest continues to highlight up-and-coming bands in the power metal, thrash metal, and traditional heavy metal sub-genres and attracts more and more concertgoers with new exclusives every year. In just a few years, the fest has created an official drink (Bos Meadery’s “Mad With Power” mead, available on-tap), shocked fans with power metal opera battles, and crafted unique experiences like a playable “heavy metal-themed video game museum” with the help of local sponsors.

The fest has grown year-by-year, and continues to attract attendees from not only the midwest, but across North America and Canada as well!

Bio about founders:

Ty Christian is the vocalist for the band Lords of the Trident and the founder of Mad With Power fest. Ty has been playing in, touring with, booking, and managing bands since 1999, and was a roadie and mixing engineer for bands such as Steppenwolf, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Molly Hatchet, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Ty is also the creative director of the Madison Area Music Association - a charity organization that raises funds to put instruments and music education into local schools - and prides himself on being a leader of the DIY musician movement.


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