Can Metal Elitism Be A Good Thing? Friday April 14 2017, 6:36 PM
Can Metal Elitism Be A Good Thing?

Metal Elitist
A person who thinks very highly about his own particular taste in heavy metal, and pretty much cans the rest of it. Sometimes they go as far as denying some bands as metal when they clearly are. They always act like they're higher than other people, when they themselves act like children when it comes to music. As others have said, they often make over-exaggerated critiques of metal bands and would rather experience a form of physical torture or genital mutilation than to listen to some metal bands. They are never constructive, polite, merciful or mature when it comes to criticism.
Metal Elitist: Wow, you listen to Immortal? They're fucking gay and sound like a garbage disposal full of spoons. I'd rather shove a knife up my ass than to listen to this cheerleader piece of shit. I recommend you go listen to some Gaarfadinonskelyrgen they're 10x better.- Urban Dictionary

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Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST some shit just plain fucking sucks man and its obviously not metal i mean come on
7 years ago