New message from HELLS HEADBANGERS Records & Distribution Sunday March 24 2019, 12:17 PM
New message from HELLS HEADBANGERS Records & Distribution

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Shared from our friends at REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS :

!!!!!!!! FOLLOWER SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Friday marks the brand new release from Venezuelan Death Metal veterans, NOCTURNAL HOLLOW, entitled, “A Whisper of a Horrendous Soul”

Nocturnal Hollow have been a consistent part of the extreme-metal scene in South America for nearly a decade, releasing material at an increasingly-fast pace and playing around the continent.

“Coming Back from the Grave” is a straightforward, old-school Swedish-style ripper, mixing buzzsaw guitars, frantic solos and filthy vocals together into a ferocious song.”
- Decibel Magazine

“Prepare to feel the fear of being nailed into a coffin and the adrenaline rush of trying to claw your way out before your pumping lungs exhaust all the oxygen.”
- No Clean Singing

This week to celebrate the release of their new record, we are offering NAME YOUR OWN PRICE on their entire back catalog!!!!! 4 albums of insanely good South American Death!!!

A Whisper of a Horrendous Soul
redefiningdarknessrecords. of-an-horrendous-soul

Nuances of Death
redefiningdarknessrecords. death

Demonically Euphony EP
redefiningdarknessrecords. euphony

Deathless & Fleshless
redefiningdarknessrecords. fleshless

Shade of Solitude
redefiningdarknessrecords. shade-of-solitude

Six of Swords - Regime Decay / Polar Vortex
Critical Extravasation - Morbid Existence
Schattenfall - Melancholie des Seins
Appalling - Inverted Realm

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