GAAHL, Former GORGOROTH Frontman Releases New Music! Wednesday March 13 2019, 7:53 PM
GAAHL, Former GORGOROTH Frontman Releases New Music!

Norwegian extreme metal formation GAAHLS WYRD, fronted by renowned vocalist Gaahl (GORGOROTH, WARDRUNA), will release its debut album, "GastiR - Ghosts Invited", on May 31 via Season Of Mist. The disc was recorded last year at Solslottet Studios in Norway with Iver Sandøy (ENSLAVED).

Those who are expecting a blasting black metal offering are in for something unexpected. Even though "GastiR – Ghosts invited" is firmly rooted in extreme metal, Gaahl's vocal delivery on this record is something out of the ordinary and the first class riffing in combination with the excellent musicianship is bound to take you places you've never been before.

The second single from the disc, "From The Spear", can be streamed below.

Gaahl is known as one of Norway's most-talked-about and respected extreme metal musicians. His work with TRELLDOM, GORGOROTH, WARDRUNA and GOD SEED has been widely regarded as some of the best the black metal scene has had to offer.

Under the moniker GAAHLS WYRD, the vocalist assembled some of Norway's finest metal musicians. The band consist of Ole Walaunet (THE BATALLION, GOD SEED, GRIMFIST), Frode Kilvik (KRAKOW, AETERNUS) and Kevin Kvåle (HORIZON ABLAZE). This highly qualified bunch recently toured a finely selected, career spanning repertoire from Gaahl's time in TRELLDOM, GORGOROTH and GOD SEED to great acclaim.

"GastiR - Ghosts Invited" track listing:

01. Ek Erilar (05:34)
02. From The Spear (04:37)
03. Ghosts Invited (04:23)
04. Carving The Voices (07:26)
05. Veiztu Hve (06:41)
06. The Speech And The Self (05:02)
07. Through And Past And Past (02:59)
08. Within The Voice Of Existence (05:25)

GAAHLS WYRD is about to embark on a European tour with TRIBULATION, UADA and IDLE HANDS.


Gaahl (Kristian Espedal) - Vocals
Lust Kilman (Ole Walaunet) - Guitar
Eld (Frode Kilvik) - Bass
Spektre (Kevin Kvåle) – Drums

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