ALACE IN THUNDERLAND Album 'THE KING OF THE EMPTY AEON' out on Fuzzdoom Records; Vinyl Pre-order starts 3/15 on Cursed Tongue Records! Saturday February 23 2019, 10:44 PM
ALACE IN THUNDERLAND Album 'THE KING OF THE EMPTY AEON' out on Fuzzdoom Records; Vinyl Pre-order starts 3/15 on Cursed Tongue Records!

After nearly four years since their last release, Palace In Thunderland band surprises us with a new album in 2019. 'The King Of The Empty Aeon' is the brainchild of Andy Beresky (guitars, vocals), Adam Abrams (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Monte Newman (guitar, vocals).

The new album is available today (February 22nd) on Compact Disc, Cassette, and Digital Download / Streaming via Fuzzdoom Records. Vinyl pre-order begins March 15th at Cursed Tongue Records.

'The King Of The Empty Aeon' is the most focused and complex release from the band thus far. A nine-song concept album, its creation heavily inspired by Pink Floyd's 'Animals', Husker Du's 'Zen Arcade", and Rush's '2112'. While the musical interpretation may be heard as a single song divided into distinct parts or a diverse set of songs joined to make a whole, The story...

The King of the Empty Aeon, the Maitreya, is the future Buddha referenced by pioneering Japanese Soto Zen Monk, poet, and thinker Eihei Dogen. The historic Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, sought enlightenment after his father's deceptive attempts to shield his son from suffering and mask reality in a false world of pleasure were unveiled. It was foretold by the hermit sage Asita that the boy would become either a legendary king or an enlightened Sadhu - or Holy Man. But in an age of technological advancement, social media, and 24-hour news cycles, such a scenario would be an impossibility.

What causes and conditions would drive one living in this modern age to seek enlightenment, to become a fully actualized human being? This is the story of 'The King Of The Empty Aeon', told as only the sonic prophets Palace In Thunderland can tell. You have just witnessed the witnessing of the witnessor..
Track List:
- The King Of The Empty Aeon
- Float Away
- Vicarious
- What Is Human?
- This Illusion's Come Alive
- What Is Sanity?
- Fragments
- What Is Reality?
- The Word Unspoken

'The King Of The Empty Aeon' was produced by Palace In Thunderland and Dan Whitlock, with all songs by Palace In Thunderland. Drums for the record were performed by Matt Netto, with recording by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab in Easthampton, MA. Guitars and bass were recorded by Dan Whitlock at Thunderland Compound in Ludlow MA. Vocals recorded by Dan Whitlock in Andy's Kitchen, Northampton, MA. The album was mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato and mastered by Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab. The cover artwork is by David Paul Seymour.
'The King Of The Empty Aeon' is available at the following links:

Fuzzdoom Records:
Releases Feb. 22nd - CD and Cassette:
- 500 limited, laser printed compact disc with two-panel wallet case
- 100 limited, black analog cassette tape, double-printed cover

Cursed Tongue Records:
Pre-order Mar. 15th - Releases Apr. 12th - Vinyl pressing:
All vinyl variants come with double-sided insert and two stickers.
- 300 "Black Fragments" Edition, 180gram black vinyl standard
- 100 "Gold King" Label Exclusive Edition, 180gram gold vinyl with hand-numbered poster and woven patch
- 20 "Empty Aeon" Edition, Test Press hand-assembled and numbered with unique black/white art insert by Feeleash

Palace In Thunderland premiered the video for the first single "Vicarious" at Ghost Cult Magazine. Check out the article here:

"With catchy licks and hooks reminiscent of classic prog bands, but also stoner influenced bands like Earthless, early-Kylesa, ASG, and Totimoshi, the track is as equally killer as the video!" ~ Ghost Cult Magazine

Official Video for "Vicarious" at

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