Fire Glass Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Saturday February 16 2019, 11:27 AM
Fire Glass Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

Coming in with a punishing 1,500 votes!

Fire Glass is a Nu-Metal band based out of Tucson, Arizona that is best described as a blend of rock and old-school rap. Initially formed in 2012 by bassist Matt Mier, the band didn't reach its final lineup tell 2016. The current lineup consists of Gabriel Havoc Jimenez (Drums), CJ Slade Glenn (Guitar), Matt Mier (Bass), Daniel Break Noriega (rapper), and Andrew Vice Molina (Singer). The 5 Piece connected well when it came to writing and are all open to new diversity in their music. Within 1yr with the new Fire Glass put out their first E.P. and is continuing to grow as a Nu Metal band in the U.S. They have toured Texas, California, and the greater midwest. They have played with many big acts like Trapt, Vyces, Green Jelly, Haken, Keychain, Last Chance to Reason, Lethal Injektion, Never Say Never, Dirty Machine, Fozzy, Through Fire, Nonpoint, Nothing More, and The Phunk Junkeez. Currently sponsored by Dirtbag Clothing, Mik Tek Microphones, and Aladdin Graphics. The bands main goal is to make an impact on the music scene through their high energy performances, touring, and unique approach to the Nu Metal Genre.

Check em out here!!/musics/124885

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