Tool Post Video Teasers for New Album! Tuesday January 29 2019, 8:32 PM
Tool Post Video Teasers for New Album!

Could it actually be happening?

After Danny Carey let slip in an interview over the weekend that Tool’s new album is finally coming in April — this after he previously said it would “definitely” be out in 2018 — the band has completely overhauled their official website. Included in the redesign are two animated videos about ten seconds each in length. Neither has any music, but given the timing it would seem to indicate that a new album is finally, actually, maybe, possibly, fixing to come soon.

The videos can be seen on the home page of and by signing up for the band’s fan club, Tool Army. Metal Injection posted some rips, which you can see below. I’m not sure what there is to say other than that they are quite Tool-ian in nature, in the signature Alex Grey / Adam Jones style that has come to define the band’s aesthetic. - MetalSucks

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