Hamilton's DOORS & FOURS Unleash The Zombies w/ Video “Feeling Dead” + Ontario Dates Friday December 21 2018, 6:56 PM
Hamilton's DOORS & FOURS Unleash The Zombies w/ Video “Feeling Dead” + Ontario Dates

Hamilton’s heavy rock outfit Doors & Fours are releasing a new album “Black Magik & Other Aphrodisiacs” on all major music platforms as of February 1, 2019. The independently produced album is a mash-up of raw heavy rock, with a very “go f*** yourself” punk attitude.

The first single off the second full-length album is “Feeling Dead”, a rowdy, hard-hitting track with catchy hooks and a horrifically voracious music video. This single shows the talent of the Ontarian band who openly shun overproduction and various electronic elements that are becoming standard in the heavy genres.

The video for “Feeling Dead” is available on YouTube at

The band plans to tour with their loud, brash rock through Canada extensively over the next year in support of this fiery album. Comprised of four legs to ensure reaching as many listeners as possible, the first leg of the tour from March 23 to April 27, 2019, includes the Eastern Part of the country. More tour dates to be announced!

Spring Tour Dates:
March 23 - Niagara Falls, ON - Willy John's
March 28 - Toronto, ON - Bovine
March 29 - Waterloo, ON - Harmony Lunch
March 30 - Hamilton, ON - Club Absinthe
April 5 - London, ON - Old East 765
April 6 - Windsor, ON - Phog Lounge
April 12 - Barrie, ON - Foxx Lounge
April 13 - Ajax, ON - Rottilicious
April 19 - St. John's, NL - Treble
April 20- St. John's, NL - Treble
April 26 - Montreal, QC - Traxide
April 27 - Ottawa, ON - Punk House

For more info:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/doorsandfours
Instagram & YouTube: @doorsandfours


Doors & Fours spawned as a "protest" against the plethora of extremely overproduced and computerized music coming out of the heavy music scene as of late. Doors & Fours was created by Adam Peach & René Thivierge while playing in PYTHON (a heavy metal band from Hamilton, ON), in an effort to create raw, catchy, hook-driven songs, Peach moved from the mundane suburbs of Hamilton to the mean streets of Hamilton to live on Thivierge's couch, with the clothes on his back and his guitar.

From there, they began writing what would become the first Doors & Fours demo, containing just 3 songs: "Fight Song", "Pass The Time", "Full Go", with Joe Piccolo on drums. A month later, D4 released their first EP, titled "Skid", containing 5 brand new songs. "Skid" was recorded and produced in just 7 hours in July 2017 - just over 30 days after releasing their demo. Evan Greenaway (PYTHON) played drums on the EP.

Keeping true to the original idea of producing raw, catchy, rock music, D4 produced both the demo and the EP from the house Peach and Thivierge resides at, using basic recording gear and a laptop computer. In November 2017, D4 decided to recruit Hamilton-based drummer Paige McAleney. With McAleney on drums, D4 finally had the final piece it was looking for, to adapt its own unique sound - a heavy dose of explosive, raw, crunchy, punk-driven rock music, with meaningful lyrics and a "go f**k yourself" attitude. Since then, the band has released a full-length album, 2 live albums, and 3 singles – with their 2nd full-length album coming out in February 2019.

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