Cerberon release their debut, self titled EP of dark, sinister heavy metal Tuesday December 4 2018, 9:44 PM
Cerberon release their debut, self titled EP of dark, sinister heavy metal

We are delighted to present the debut, self titled EP from Cerberon - a band whose music is rooted in the traditions of great heavy metal, but with a dark and vicious twist. These songs will transport you to the back alleys of night shrouded cities, where danger lurks in every shadow and monsters wait to prey on the lost and the lonely.

Cerberon are one of those rare bands who have a sound entirely their own, an atmosphere that sets them apart from the others. The pace of the songs is grimly measured, the unhurried march of a beast with total confidence in its power and ability to overcome and destroy completely, a sinister apex predator supreme. There is a sense of fearsome madness held, barely, in check, a seething rabid rage surging beneath the skin. This is heavy metal that has absorbed all the lessons of each wave of extremity that has crashed over the scene, picking the flesh from the bones of each tide of savagery, but never losing its iron heart.

Independently released on December 7th these four tracks will be available to ensure a black Xmas for all. Once you've strapped in for this ride there's no escape until Cerberon say it's over, with each track slipping insidiously into the next, trapping you on an unnerving journey, from the teeth-grinding headbanger 'Stroggified' to the epic, powerful and melodic 'Blood On The Mountain'.

Cerberon are not part of the pack. While others wander in herds, they hunt alone. Be careful where you walk, choose your pathways carefully and don't lose track of time...the darkness is closing in and something vicious this way comes...

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