Dawnbreed Records release the debut EP from Crows Over Bravellir - epic blackened doom featuring members of Grave and Darkified Wednesday November 21 2018, 3:51 PM
Dawnbreed Records release the debut EP from Crows Over Bravellir - epic blackened doom featuring members of Grave and Darkified

“Soon the earth will cover the withering bones
And the world will forget all the names”

But the crows never forget. From the cold northern seas to the fields of battle, from the clash of steel upon steel to the pleading of the wounded...and finally to the silence of nightfall as the last drops of blood seep slowly into the cold soil. Above it all fly the crows, their obsidian eyes watching and recording, committing to memory and legend the victory of King Sigurd Hring over the warriors of Harald Wartooth on the moors of Brávellir...

“Who dares tread like a thief in the dark
To whom belongs the torch of which flickering flame
casts its light upon walls made of stone”

And the crows are still watching when the resting places of gods and kings are violated, still watching when the spirits of the dead arise, still watching as they mete out their dreadful punishments.

Crows Over Brávellir are a band that bring to glorious life the ancient tales of Scandinavia, blending history, myth and fantasy as cunningly as they interweave epic heavy metal, doom metal, black metal and traditional Swedish folk music into one enthralling, magical sound. Formed by ex and current members of Darkified and Grave, the Crows are steeped in the traditions of Swedish extreme metal and all that experience has gone into crafting these unique, majestic songs.

Originally released in the summer months of 2018, the Spells Of The Dead EP went largely unheard and unnoticed, a closely guarded secret treasure of the underground. However, like prising a gem from the rigid, skeletal grasp of a corpse, Dawnbreed Records have decided to take the music of the Crows Over Brávellir from the jealous possession of the few and cast it out into the world on black wings. And so the crows are coming, soaring to every corner of the world, bringing the tale of Sigrud and Harald, bringing the secrets of the haunted tombs, bringing some of the most incredible epic metal that has ever been conjured into life.

“Archaic wisdom
Ancient pride
Spells of the dead
Bringing dust and bone back to life”

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