Five Queens Invade London: Two nights of Wednesday 13 at The Garage, Concert Review! Saturday November 10 2018, 2:45 PM
Five Queens Invade London: Two nights of Wednesday 13 at The Garage, Concert Review!

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Quite a few people questioned why I would fly from L.A. to London to see L.A.-Based band Wednesday 13 perform Halloween weekend. But, those were “people,” not “die-hard Wednesday 13 fans.” Admittedly, I have seen Wednesday 13 perform about 20 times (and they are ALWAYS amazing).

However, this weekend was very special for two reasons. (1) Wednesday 13 performed their 2008 album “Skeletons” in its entirety on Friday, October 26th to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the album’s release. And (2): Wednesday 13 performed for the first time EVER in the UK as Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.

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BOTH nights were sold out at The Garage in London, packed tightly with fans that traveled from both near and far for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Friday night’s set was a unique treat since Wednesday 13 hadn’t played several ‘Skeletons’’ songs in quite some time, if ever. In addition, the encore was a complete surprise, and a great way to tease us with a handful of Frankenstein Drag Queen songs. The night was EXTRA special because guitarist Roman Surman proposed to his girlfriend Shelly D’Inferno onstage and she said YES!

Saturday night was an amazing and magical night for all Wednesday 13 fans, and history was made. Each band member performed in full drag, with individual neon wigs in green, purple, blue, orange, and white. They tore up The Garage with 15 songs from FDQ (several of which became Murderdolls songs) and a handful of W13 songs as well. To throw in an added twist, Shelly came onstage, dressed as Roman, and did a reversed proposal onstage. This time HE said YES! (Both Shelly and Roman said they were surprised each night, which only added to this incredible experience.)

At one point on Saturday Wednesday said, “we are Wednesday 13, so we need to play you some Wednesday 13 songs too.” The crowd went wild as they ended their set with “197666,” “I Walked With a Zombie,” “Bad Things,” and “I love to Say F*ck.”

Both nights the band performed Graverobbing USA, changing USA to UK, which the locals absolutely loved. Of course, no Wednesday 13 show is complete without including their Anthem, “I Love to Say F*ck” in the encore, which is always a great time to sing along with our middle fingers in the air

It was a great experience to be part of these events and to make history with W13 and FDQ. If you are not familiar with W13, you are missing out! It’s time to start listening, catch up on their catalog, and hit a show in your area! You will NOT be disappointed.

Images courtesy of Blitzgewitter Photography and Mindhexmedia

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