Fornace release their third album of bleak black metal - Deep Melancholic Wrath - through Paragon Records Thursday November 8 2018, 7:33 PM
Fornace release their third album of bleak black metal - Deep Melancholic Wrath - through Paragon Records

Today we bring you a band for whom image is nothing and music is everything. Fornace play cold, raw black metal, filled with powerful emotion and sinister atmosphere, but without the fripperies and trappings that plague so much of the genre. With Fornace you get no painted faces and replica weapons, no polished spikes and burning crosses, just incredibly powerful black metal with the ability to chill your heart and steal your soul through impassioned riffs and desperate vocal exhortations alone.

Fornace were summoned into being by bassist Possessed and drummer/vocalist Gnoll back in 2000, the two men inspired to create by the early Greek gods, Rotting Christ and Varathron. The music they heard spoke to the dark, melancholic hymns that lay dormant in their own hearts, waiting to be brought to life. Since then the band have released three extraordinary demos and two full length albums, their desolate psalms growing ever more potent and while the line-up may have altered over the years, Possessed remains and the philosophy of Fornace, their unflinching dedication to music over image, stays resolutely unchanged.

Now, on November 16th, Paragon Records invite you to experience Deep Melancholic Wrath, the third full length album from Fornace and the ultimate distillation of all that they have been on their journey through the endless night. These vast, wandering hymns of regret carry the rusted blades of raw black metal spite, but they’re also torn asunder by the agonies of despair, their bones cracked by the howling icy winds of soul freezing loneliness. With Deep Melancholic Wrath Fornace have created an album of black metal deeper than midnight and colder than frost in the chambers of your heart, songs that summon up the grief that hides in your nightmares, against which your sanity is helpless. Image is nothing, music is everything and the pain in each tortured note is real.

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