Paragon Records ressurect Ghost Tower's cult metal classic, Head Of Night, with bonus tracks! Thursday November 1 2018, 7:09 PM
Paragon Records ressurect Ghost Tower's cult metal classic, Head Of Night, with bonus tracks!

We are proud to welcome to the Imperative PR roster a true hidden gem of the US metal scene, a gem whose lustre we will reveal to the metal world. Formed in Bellevue, Nebraska in 2007 Ghost Tower were inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate and Fates Warning – but not inspired to imitate. Combining the creative guitar work of Matt Preston, the thunderous, inventive drumming of Mike Biggs and the haunting, hypnotic vocals of Ameven, Ghost Tower began to craft original, exciting music, full of atmosphere and character.

A self titled demo was released in 2008, followed by the epic debut album Curse Of The Black Blood in 2010 and then, finally, in 2012 they independently released their magnum opus, Head Of Night. Head Of Night is an album that stands alone in a dream kingdom all of its own, a world of spirits and mystery, shrouded in shadows. Each song is painted in eldritch hues as the three special talents of Ghost Tower entwine, bringing to life their arcane metal creations. This is an album that harks back to the days of the NWOBHM, when every band had an individual character, an intriguing identity and their own stories to tell. Sadly, with the release of Head Of Night Ghost Tower quietly closed the book on their music forever and walked away with their integrity untarnished, their tales told...but their songs refused to die.

In 2013 MetalPunxRex issued a limited edition cassette of the album and then in 2018 Paragon Records heard the songs of Ghost Tower, still singing from beyond the grave. With the band’s blessing they added two superb tracks from Curse Of The Black Blood and one from the Ghost Tower demo, to create the ultimate edition of the Head Of Night album. Thanks to Paragon Records Head Of Night now lives again, Ameven is singing once more from the Ghost Tower and Imperative PR are bringing this lost treasure out of the shadows and delivering it to the world!

Full track listing for this expanded edition of Head Of Night is as follows...

1 – Ninth Tooth Of The Gravekeeper’s Grin
2 – Secret Of Black Moss Lake
3 – The Brooding Silence
4 – ...Of Untimely Death
5 – House Of Wary Shadows
6 – An Elusive Encounter
7 – Scroll Of The Lunar Tribe
8 – Island Of All-Knowing Eyes
9 – Elegy Of Dreamtime
10 – My Dear Killer (bonus track)
11 – Whispers From Beyond (bonus track)
12 – Sable Bedlam (bonus track)

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