W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS is proud to present TROLLHEIMS GROTT's long-awaited third album, Aligned with the True Death. Monday October 29 2018, 8:25 PM
W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS is proud to present TROLLHEIMS GROTT's long-awaited third album, Aligned with the True Death.

Hailing from Finland and forming in 1997, TROLLHEIMS GROTT are unsung pioneers of industrial black metal. The band's first two albums, 2001's Bizarre Troll Technology and 2003's Bloodsoaked and Ill-Fated, served as benchmarks for the idiom, pushing forth a sleek and psychotic sound executed with the utmost cruelty.

Now, some 15 years later, the time has arrived for TROLLHEIMS GROTT to unleash their carefully prepared third bloodthirsty beast from their Syndicate Laboratory. Tellingly titled Aligned with the True Death, the album shall lay terror around the world with unforeseen force.

In these times of unskilled copycat newcomers staggering around the scene babbling about their “primitive” approach, it’s about fucking time to put true talent and vision back into black metal again. Aligned with the True Death is true black metal executed with the exceptionally deadly skill and precision for which TROLLHEIMS GROTT became renown in the underground, and further fueled by these true Luciferian visionaries' fiery prophecies and perception of this decaying world.

Losing not one step since their early 2000s heyday, TROLLHEIMS GROTT unload a furious whirlwind of shock-force drums and razor-caked riffs, with mechanized industrial elements providing no-less-devastating support fire, all conveying the sensation of war-machines of the Apocalypse razing the last remnants of this doomed millennium. Gloomy corpse-stenched commandments and divinations drive the mind of the listener to the place where Earth faces its last stand and all things living will be aligned with the true Death.

Truly, TROLLHEIMS GROTT are more deadly than before. No time has been lost; if anything, it has been erased. Here, stand Aligned with the True Death or prepare for utter annihilation.

Format: CD, LP, Digital
Genre: black metal
Catalogue Nr.: W.T.C.174

1. Aligned With The True Death
2. Deathless Form
3. Omega Angel
4. Holy Black Sun
5. Twilight
7. Earth's Last Stand

The Syndicate:
LRH - drums & guitars
sg.7 - vocals, synthetics & noise
TG - bass

All songs by LRH. Bass arrangements by TG.
Synthetics, noise and lyrics by sg.7

Drums recorded at Studio 33 by J. Tuomainen.
Guitars and bass recorded by LRH & TG.
Synthetics, noise & vocals recorded by sg.7

Mixed and mastered by J. Tolsa at Note On studio.

Song illustrations by Kirill Svart. Logo, "Skinned man" and layout by sg.7.
Band photo by N. Holmes, cover art photography by sg.7.

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W.T.C.Prod. @ Facebook


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