The Alive - "We are Rock and Roll" (Eternal Sound Records) Wednesday October 24 2018, 9:43 PM
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The Alive - "We are Rock and Roll" (Eternal Sound Records)

THE ALIVE’s motto is “We are Rock n Roll” and Rock n Roll is what you get! Bridging the gap between classic arena rock riffs while still keeping touch with a modern vibe and keeping a firm tight grip on bringing excitement to each and ever stage they play.

THE ALIVE is a four piece band from Fort Smith Arkansas that at the beginning knew they wanted to create fun, high energy music that you could feel deep in your bones and shake your soul making you stomp your hands and clap your feet before you even knew you were. Great Rock n Roll music can stand the test of time and cross any generation. It’s something that lives deep inside and once you’ve got it you’ve got it. As a new band they knew from the beginning they wanted to write music that pay tribute to their influences. It didn’t take long for THE ALIVE to go from a local band to regional touring with a fan base growing bigger and bigger with every show and becoming more in demand because of their high energy shows. From local favorites to regional rock stars and ready to take on the world.

Genre: Rock n Roll

Label: Eternal Sound Records

Taylor Glasgow-vocals & guitar
David Bateman-guitar
Curtis Kennedy-bass
Tracy Duty-Drums


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