Infernal Cult - "All The Lights Faded" (black metal) Monday October 22 2018, 9:22 AM
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Infernal Cult - "All The Lights Faded" (black metal)

Hailing from Czech Republic, Infernal Cult is the solo project of Martjern. Initially inspired by old-school black metal, it later evolved into an original style where the musician added melody and a lot of dark and evil elements.

Infernal Cult's debut album, "All The Lights Faded", was released on July 29th. Written during a really dark period of the musician's life, Martjern spent two years to make all his ideas work and to sharpen every melody until he achieved a perfect result. Both music and lyrics refer to real personal experiences of misery, depression, anger, hate, self-destruction and suicide attempts. "All The Lights Faded" is as real and honest as it can be.

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Black Metal

Embrace of Shadows
Triangle of Horns
Distant from Living
Self Destructive Life Resistance
Redemption Through Suffering
Post - Living Existence
Beyond the Dark Corridors
All The Lights Faded

Line-up: Music, lyrics, artwork, design, layout and recording by Martjern




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