The Flesh Hammers Join The Zach Moonshine Show For A Few Drinks And An Interview And It Went Like This! Sunday October 21 2018, 8:54 PM
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The Flesh Hammers Join The Zach Moonshine Show For A Few Drinks And An Interview And It Went Like This!

I had a great time on Friday night talking to my friends in The Flesh Hammers Paula Campbell​ and Blackie Crabtree​ ! We had some drinks, we had some laughs, and we talked about some pretty cool stuff regarding the band, the album, the live shows and other topics like sexism in metal etc. Check it out and check them out!

The Flesh Hammers are a controversial, and musically brilliant outfit who have succeeded in creating a sound all their own. The Flesh Hammers, innovators of the "Gutter Punk" sound, formed in 2003 and play throughout the western United States. The band unleashes rawk at the rate of submachine gun fire. LIVE they are a force that needs to be heard and seen to be believed! They were featured performers at the 2014 Las Vegas Music Summit and 2015 Offbeat Festival in Reno, NV. They released their first album, RIDING DIRTY in 2005. Their second album was recorded in San Francisco at Rodent Records. It was released in 2009 on Wondertaker Records titled, SATAN ON THE DASH. The band's third album BULLSEYE was released in August 2013. Their fourth album FASTEST BAND IN THE WEST...LIVE! was released November 2015. The band's fifth album will be released March 2018.

listen to the interview below in full!

Check out some music from the band below!

S Maria Haney quoted on Facebook about the band -

"Such an awesome band live. Their Music is so relevant and diverse, despite trying to see if it checks any particular box, it doesn’t. It checks many and any crowd will find something that not only speaks to them but also this band just turns shit up a notch, and will definitely rock out. I saw them live without knowing their music. Set was rocking, Blackie Crabtree has a badass/cool front man/ stage presence and then you have this little pretty pixie 🧚‍♀️ powerhouse , Paula Campbell who just cranks it up and explodes full speed ahead. The chemistry with the crowd, along with watching Paula and Blackie is palpable!!! My absolute favorite part of my trip. After being hungover and tired and almost deciding not to go,I’m so glad I did, this show and performance ranks up there with any and all shows. The Flesh Hammers are beyond great musicians who are fun and extremely talented!!! If anyone gets a chance to catch a show, don’t even hesitate, just go!!! It’s a blast!!! Really cool people too I’m proud to call friends.. #fleshhammers #ZachMoonshine"

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