Deschain - "Grit Pt,2: Drift" (Progressive Melodic Black) Friday October 19 2018, 4:30 PM
Deschain - "Grit Pt,2: Drift" (Progressive Melodic Black)

Traveling East through the arid desert, a nomad finds himself questioning his beliefs. A life of regret and failure have led to a crossroad where he must Drift away from his past to find hope for the future.

Deschain was formed in the summer of 2008 by Bryce Marley and Mike Lang, with the intention of making vivid stories come to life through melodic soundscapes. In 2010, shortly after Dean Reed joined the band, Upon The Oaken Throne was recorded as the first full length Deschain album. After finishing recording, Kevin Foran and Adam Fisk joined the line-up, and Upon The Oaken Throne was released in 2011. Later that same year, Sea of Trees, Forest of Gallows was released, a concept album about the Aokigahara forest. With two records behind them, the band focused on the start of the Grit trilogy, which centered around the American West where a man’s beliefs and actions are the law he abides.During the recording process Pat Vollmer replaced Mike Lang and Grit, Pt I: Vigilance was released in 2013 as the beginning of the series. Grit, Pt II: Drift was recorded shortly after in 2014 before the band-members relocated to different parts of the United States. With the relocation, post-production progress slowed until, finally, Damian Herring of Subterranean Watchtower Studios agreed to mix and master Drift, thus solidifying it as Deschain’s most polished record to date. Finally released on July 4th of 2018, Grit, Pt II: Drift creates an eerie yet very American soundscape, painting a picture of old western deserts and those who lived within them.

The band comments on the new album:

«The goal of the Grit trilogy is to use American history and folklore to create black metal music that has its mythos and roots within American culture. As Americans we are not Vikings, nor do we have ancestry to the folklore of European culture that is so prevalent within the extreme metal community. By using American folk influences and myths we have created something truly unique to our country and people.»

Label: Self-released

Genre: Progressive Melodic Black

1. Dust of Life
2. -
3. Drift
4. Descent

Bryce Marley – Drums, Vocals, Lyrics

Dean Reed – Guitars

Adam Fisk – Guitars

Pat Vollmer – Guitars, clean vocals

Kevin Foran - Bass

For fans of: Taake, Enslaved, Between the Buried and Me, The Rolling Stones, Gris, Wolve in The Throne Room, Wildernessking, Iron Maiden, Panopticon, The Mountain Goats...

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