Chris Barnes on Modern Touring Costs: "It's Been Taken to a Whole Other Level" Monday July 8 2024, 11:15 AM
Chris Barnes on Modern Touring Costs: "It's Been Taken to a Whole Other Level"

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The landscape of touring has always been a challenging one for musicians, but recent times have made it even more daunting. Between vicious merch cuts and the skyrocketing costs of everything, touring could easily spell financial death for musicians. This is a reality that even someone as seasoned and successful as Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes is facing, despite the success of their new record, Killing For Revenge.

In a recent interview with New Noise Magazine, Barnes opened up about the increasing difficulties of life on the road. While he deeply appreciates the fans' desire for him to tour, he acknowledges that the current climate is making it increasingly challenging.

"Musicians have always taken the brunt of everything because we love doing this so much," Barnes stated. "We've always been taken advantage of, and other people are the ones who make the money while we do the work. It's been tough over the years, but lately it has been taken to a whole other level."

Barnes elaborated on the financial strains, highlighting the rising cost of essentials. "Gas is like $5 a gallon, and with the cost of all the things you need to travel, and only making about 10% more than you used to as far as getting paid, it's not hard to do the math. But fans have a one-track mind; they're like 'Get here, we want to see you!' And I appreciate the love, but it's getting harder and harder to tour and travel."

Despite these challenges, there is a silver lining for Six Feet Under fans. Barnes revealed that a new album is already in the works, even though Killing For Revenge is only a few months old. The band had a prolific writing period in late 2023, and the next record is already written.

"The next album is already written, actually. It's been written since I think December or even earlier. We had a real burst of writing and just didn't stop. I've already demoed out lyrics and everything but maybe three songs are done. So there is definitely still more to come."

As fans eagerly await the new material, the hope is that the industry can find ways to support musicians better, allowing them to continue sharing their art without facing such overwhelming financial burdens.

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