New Promo: PSYC 6 Announces New EP "I Am Your Sin" - (Melodic Groove Metal) Tuesday June 4 2024, 10:21 AM
New Promo: PSYC 6 Announces New EP "I Am Your Sin" - (Melodic Groove Metal)

Release Date: 2024-05-17

Genre Description: Melodic Groove Metal

FFO: Lamb of God, All That Remains, Parkway Drive

Location: Sweden


PSYC 6 Announces New EP "I Am Your Sin"

Swedish melodic groove metal band PSYC 6 is proud to present its new music EP “I Am Your Sin” which will be out on May 17, 2024. Characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, soaring guitar leads, thundering drums, and aggressive vocals, PSYC 6 presents a heavy and distinctive sound similar to Lamb of God, All That Remains, and Parkway Drive. 

The band PSYC 6 was founded in 2022, by the drummer Gabriel Buranj and the rhythm guitarist Jonatan Mårtensson, as a side project for experimenting with heavy music. This is when Milo, the former vocalist of the band, joined the rest of the guys in making music. They spent some time jamming and sculpting their music before recruiting lead guitarist Josh Smeeton and bassist Christoffer Cornelius through the internet. 

Their first live performance was very well received, which led them to record their first single, “2 The Struggle,” released on May 26, 2023, and “Am I A Monster” released on October 30, 2023. These singles’ success prompted the creation of the “I Am Your Sin” EP. Recorded and mixed by Josh Smeeton and mastered by Steve Killpatric of Rock and Metal Mastering, the EP reflects the band’s progress and their eagerness to provide an amazing show. 

The tracklist of the EP is also quite intriguing; the first song is “Tick Tock” which deals with the topic of social media and how it makes people live in an illusion. “Insane Psycho” depicts the journey of a person with a tendency to turn into an obsessive stalker who lacks the ability to interact with society. ”Feast Like A Beast” explores the individual’s desire and the actualization of the same in a more profound manner. The title song of the album ‘I Am Your Sin’ depicts the ordeal of the victim including the feeling of guilt, shame and fear after being kidnapped. The EP ends with “Sweet Dreams” – an atmospheric bonus track that allows the listener to choose the ending of the story on their own. 

PSYC 6 started out in masks and white costumes pretending to be patients of an insane asylum while the vocalist was the warden. Although they have changed their outfits for the stage, they still aim to provide fans with an outstanding performance that reflects their early days. 

About PSYC 6: 

PSYC 6 is a power melodic groove metal band that originated in Sweden in the year 2022. With thick guitar chugs, soaring guitar solos, and passionate singing, they make music that is both headbang-worthy and moving. It’s not just the music, but the way it is played and the stories that are told through it that really makes this band stand out in the metal genre. 

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