Suicide Puppets - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday May 25 2024, 12:44 PM
Suicide Puppets - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Veritas from Suicide Puppets joins The Zach Moonshine Show, to talk about their latest release ' Beyond The Veil ' and much more! We play new music from Harpazo, PSYC 6, Envig, Summoner's Circle, Violence System, Post Death Soundtrack, Mageia, Manapart, iwatchyousleep, Autumn Lies Buried, INNERLOAD, St. Madness, Webb Of Deceit, Never Reborn, Skulls Of Death, Skullgrinder, The Red Mountain, WINTER ETERNAL, Know Death, Chalk Portraits, THE TROOPS OF DOOM, Christ Denied, and Ancient Entities!

Track list:

Battle Of The Bands Top Three:

1 - Harpazo - I Am God
2 - PSYC 6 - I Am Your Sin
3 - Envig - Fra¦èn yxa till karbin

The Zach Moonshine Intro

4 - Summoner's Circle - Apostle's Dogma/Cult of the Dead Son/Shroud of Humanity
5 - Violence System - Reborn in the Sickness
6 - Post Death Soundtrack - Hammer Come Down
7 - Mageia - Kali
8 - Manapart - Bulls Eye
9 - iwatchyousleep - To Shreds

Suicide Puppets - Interview featuring 1000 Ways to Die/Prey/Sinner

10 - Autumn Lies Buried - Fuck Around and Find Out/Break Ya Neck
12 - St. Madness - My Music Manifesto/Ever After/Comfortably Numb
13 - Webb Of Deceit - Hells Within
14 - Never Reborn - Children of Fire
15 - Skulls Of Death - Carnival Of Death
16 - Skullgrinder - House Of Death/Black #1 (Type O Negative cover)/Knocking On Heavens Door ( Bob Dylan Cover)
17 - The Red Mountain - Hey Man
18 - WINTER ETERNAL - The Serpent's Curse
19 - Know Death - Judgment Day
20 - Chalk Portraits - Rainfall I
21 - THE TROOPS OF DOOM - Chapels Of The Unholy
22 - Christ Denied - Take, Eat; This Is My Body
23 - Ancient Entities - Pierced By Obsidian

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Super massive shout out to the 16,430 headbangers from around the world that joined us for the live broadcast of the show Friday night!



FFO: Fear Factory, Static X, Dimmu Borgir 

Location: Harrisburg Pennsylvania 


Suicide Puppets Sign with Manager Josh Balz (ex-Motionless in White) and Announce Dan Malsch as Mixing Engineer for Upcoming Album!

The Harrisburg-based, nationally touring six-piece industrial goth metal band, Suicide Puppets, has succeeded in promoting two significant developments in its success story. The group just got Josh Balz, former member of Motionless in White's management; and they have booked Dan Malsch for the mixing of the new album, which will be released during this year.

Hailing from the old days of Motionless in White, Josh Balz brings to the band his knowledge as well as many important links, which makes the band well positioned to drop their next album, "Where Killers Go To Die".

Moreover, Suicide Puppets are happy to announce that the mixing, for their upcoming album, will be done Dan Malsch . Malsch's CV holds his contribution to bands like Fear Factory alongside the others, Static X and Dimmu Borgir, hence promoting the best choice for Suicide Puppets to make use of his heavy industrial goth metal sound.

Suicide Puppets have just put on one of the most exciting performance people of Pittsburgh(- - have witnessed since their literally debut in 2007. With Twisty Suicide as the lead singer, Jonny Suicide behind the bass and backup vocals, Steven Suicide playing a trick on the lead guitar, Invictus Suicide and Z Suicide melting the rhythm guitar, and Veritas Suicide shredding the drums, BOYS IN BLACK has shared the stage with world known acts such as Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes, Sumo Psy

Stay turned for updated info as Suicide Puppets get ready to release their highly anticipated new album.

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About Suicide Puppets:
Suicide Puppets is a nationally touring six-piece industrial goth metal band hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Since their inception in 2007, the band has been blasting audiences with their explosive performances, earning them two consecutive Best Metal Band awards at the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards in 2020 and 2021. Their music has also been featured in the films: "The Boy From Below”, “Skate To Hell”, “Deathwoods”, and “Blood On The Bleachers”!

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