STORMY DANIELS Remembers Going On Tour With PANTERA, "heavy metal music is all I dance to when I strip" Wednesday October 3 2018, 9:30 PM
 STORMY DANIELS Remembers Going On Tour With PANTERA, "heavy metal music is all I dance to when I strip"

Stormy Daniels , the porn star who sued President Donald Trump over a hush agreement to keep her silent about their alleged sexual encounter, has told All That Shreds in a new interview that one of her favorite memories is meeting PANTERA while she was feature dancing at a club in Florida. Describing the legendary Texas metal act as her "second favorite band of all time" ( SLIPKNOT is her first), she said her first encounter with the group took place on PANTERA guitar tech's birthday. "So I brought him up on stage," she recalled. "This started an ongoing friendship with PANTERA , and I spent a couple of weeks with them on tour. I had sex with a hot redhead under the drum riser as Vinnie [ Paul Abbott , drums] was playing. It was sad when Vinnie Paul passed away, as I was finishing the chapter in my book about PANTERA . We've been friends for so long, and it was pretty hard."

Daniels , whose new book, "Full Disclosure" , chronicles her journey "from a rough childhood in Louisiana on to the national stage," went on to say that heavy metal music is "all I dance to when I strip," adding: "My butt can't dance to rap or anything like that. I remember going out on a high school and going to local metal shows that were in the middle of cow pastures like going out to like local metal chairs out in like in the middle of cow pastures. Some of my favorite bands to this day are local bands from Louisana that aren't around anymore."

Asked about the first concert she attended, Stormy , whose real name is Stephanie Clifford , said: "I'd just turned 17, and METALLICA was playing on a weeknight. Nobody would go with me, because their parents wouldn't let them. So I bought a ticket. Now, keep in mind — this is before GPS. I got a map and drove myself to the METALLICA concert. I triumphantly made it. I changed in the parking lot as it wasn't something you should wear in public. I went in, and it was general admission and was right up against the barricade in front of the stage for a kick-ass concert."

"Full Disclosure" was released on October 2 by St. Martin's Press .

Trump has called Daniels 's claim that they had sex "false and extortionist," but acknowledged repaying his former lawyer, Michael Cohen , $130,000 for Stormy 's hush agreement. Cohen has pleaded guilty to tax evasion, campaign finance violations and other charges.


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