New Promo: Svitogor - The Howling Void - Black Metal - (insArt Records) Tuesday February 6 2024, 1:37 PM
New Promo: Svitogor - The Howling Void - Black Metal - (insArt Records)

Release Date: January 26, 2024 

FFO: Dodheimsgard, Emperor, Ved Buens Ende, Satyricon

Location: UK/Croatia

Insanus, a revered figure in the Croatian Black Metal scene and the creative force behind influential bands like Castrum, Zvijer, Suton, Black Cult, Unholy Inquisition, and others, has breathed new life into his long-neglected project, Svitogor.

The saga of Svitogor unfolded at the turn of the millennium when the visionary notion sparked in Insanus’ mind to forge Black Metal unbounded by constraints. Two demos, crafted in 2002 and 2003, bear witness to this creative surge. Yet, the flame dimmed as a result of waning interest and pressing commitments to other musical ventures.

Fast forward two decades, and the time has arrived for the mountain of gods to reverberate once more, resuming the journey it embarked upon. In the intervening years, Insanus meticulously amassed an arsenal of riffs and ideas, cultivating them until the summer of 2023, when he breathed life into the debut album titled “The Howling Void.”

Musically, Svitogor defies easy categorisation, embodying an avant-garde black metal essence. Lyrically, the band passionately opposes entrenched dogmatic beliefs that grip a society, reduced to pathetic prostration before false idols crafted from the clay of deceit.

Themes of misanthropy, alienation, anti-humanism and self-spirituality intertwine, propelling the relentless energy within Svitogor’s compositions. The hunger embedded in their songs is insatiable, poised to confront the world’s abominations, tainted by the foolish thoughts and deeds of mortals. Svitogor stands ready, a sonic force challenging the norms and confronting the shadows cast by humanity’s misguided pursuits.

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