New Single: Echoes of the Fallen - Cease to Exist - (Metal) Wednesday January 24 2024, 12:41 PM
New Single: Echoes of the Fallen - Cease to Exist - (Metal)

Release Date: 1/23/24

FFO: Black Dahlia Murder, At the Gates, Fit for an Autopsy

Location: Twin Cities, MN

Echoes of the Fallen, formerly known as Bury the Martyr, have been making waves in the heavy music scene since their inception in 2012. Hailing from Twin Cities, MN, the band has been evolving their sound with each passing year. Featuring former members of The Omega Sequence and current members of Plague of Stars, Echoes of the Fallen has a passion for creating heavy music with good friends. Their music is a perfect blend of heavy riffs, powerful drumming, and emotive vocals that evoke a sense of raw energy and passion. With their unique sound and dedication to their craft, Echoes of the Fallen is a band to watch out for in the heavy music scene.

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