Devil’s Hound - "Depressive Letters" Tuesday March 21 2017, 8:35 PM
Devil’s Hound - "Depressive Letters"

Creating simple music since July 2015, Devil’s Hound is a one-man-project featuring a voice and a guitar. The main subjects approached are love and horror, good and evil – dichotomies we have to live with.

Unlike previous songs, the lyrics featured in “Depressive Letters” are not theatrical or inspired by Vincent Price. The new songs are naïve but honest, simple but true. “Depressive Letters” deals with situations both felt by the artist and people around him. Depression, solitude, love and most of all sincerity.

“Smile” is a wake-up call, “Drowned” asks us to face life and “Warm Me” is numbness that can be healed by love.
As always, the production is somehow poor and lo-fi – the man behind the project knows it and wants it that way. Devil’s Hound is suitable for fans of Of The Wand And The Moon, Sol Invictus and early King Dude.

“Depressive Letters” was written and recorded at the Old Script House on 13 and 14 January 2017. Music, lyrics and recording by Dean Noir
“Ballads For The Devil” (demo) – 2015
“The (Anti)Love Manifesto” (single) – 2015
“Corridors Of Gloom” (demo) – 2016
“Depressive Letters” (demo) – 2017

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