KILL THE THRILL release unsettling video for new title track Tuesday November 21 2023, 10:22 AM
KILL THE THRILL release unsettling video for new title track

KILL THE THRILL are France's most enigmatic metal band. Despite a few lineup changes over the years, long-standing members Marylin Tognolli & Nicolas Dick have been penning poignant post-punk lyrics over bleak industrialized new wave landscapes ever since the band's genesis in 1989.  

Now, Kill the Thrill are back with their fifth album. Autophagie is abrasive and hypnotic. The title track swarms with feedback-laden guitars, tingling piano and Dick's haunted, roughshod vocals.  

Watch the video for "Autophagie", which splices together scraps of near-apocalyptic images into a surreal fever dream that would give David Lynch nightmares.    

'Autophagie' comes out January 26, 2024 on Season of Mist.



"We had this thread of autophagy running through the album", says Kill The Thrill, "the principle of which is to enable adaptation and survival, because this cannibalistic process is triggered in conditions of stress or impoverishment. It's at the point of metamorphosis, of regeneration, and it's an unavoidable evil if there's to be a revival. The images in the clip resonate with autophagy through the prism of a violent distortion of the things transmitted, but also of our own strangeness, and of us humans, who contemplate them fascinated, imagining ourselves to be in control of everything, until we forget where we came from.

The clip is conceived as a ghostly journey, a tale in 2 parts, a visual trance that plunges us into the heart of darkness with a strong sense of hyper-acceleration in time. The flashes of white and areas of grey provide clues, and conjure up powerful images of life on earth. A civilization that has taken care of its space by forging artisanal tools, but whose desire to delimit and control everything, and its need to consume more and more, has transformed this artisanal knowledge into an instrument of mass degradation."

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